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Elizabeth Hawkenson

October 10, 2010
Elizabeth Hawkenson

Elizabeth Hawkenson, 18, is a sweet-faced first year geology student at the Arizona State University. She made a porn video to raise fund for her course and now has to live with the consequences. Right now, she is receiving so much media attention that her name has hit the top of Google Hot Trends.

Elizabeth Hawkenson

“The whole thing is scripted,” Hawkenson tells New Times. “I knew going in there it was for sex. I knew what I was doing — I knew I was getting paid.” She made the movie as she was short on her tution so she needed a quick way to make up for what she owed. She was paid $2,000 for the video and was told the video wouldn’t make it to anywhere where viewers didn’t have to pay to see it. That was a big lie. It made it big time virally, making her the most well-known freshman at ASU.

Elizabeth Hawkenson in the movie

The Elizabeth Hawkenson video for a porn film audition has reportedly cost Elizabeth Hawkenson her university scholarship.

In the video Elizabeth, with her sweet girl-next-door look, shows her student ID card to prove that she is 18 + years of age before she went for the audition for a porn movie.

Elizabeth Hawkenson holding her Arizona State University (ASU ) student ID card

Reports said that a letter written to the university board following the Elizabeth Hawkenson video demands for the cancellation of the $32,000 New American Scholar Award given to Elizabeth and reads as: “A young woman who brings shame on her university in such a public and degrading way does not deserve the financial support of that university.”

Following the Elizabeth Hawkenson video scandal, the Phoenix Times reported that elements of this story are a hoax. The reports maintain that no letter has been sent to the university Board and that Elizabeth Hawkenson still enjoys her scholarship. While talking to the media Elizabeth Hawkenson said that the video was meant to appear solely on the website of the original Casting Couch.

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  • Reply wintergurl October 11, 2010 at 10:14 am

    stupid girl. why she want show her id and let ppl knew her……..

  • Reply lonelyboy October 24, 2010 at 4:23 am

    i have watched the complt 10 min movie . but i dont want to give the link to u guyz ….. all the time she looks really innocent like she wasn’t sure what she’s was doing, nd made pretty face nd fake laughs ….
    ahhh … dont kno y students do this ….

  • Reply Why Oh Why May 13, 2011 at 7:53 am

    This happened to another girl on the Backroomcastingcouch site “Stacy” her real name is Maritza Quinlan and she is a soccer player at grand canyon college. How did she end up in porn?

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