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5-Year-Old Suri Cruise Is World’s 21st Best Dressed Woman

May 6, 2011
Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise has been named one of the world’s best dressed women at the tender age of five.

Suri Cruise...the 21st best dressed woman according to Glamour

A very cute Suri

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter has unbelievably been given 21st position in Glamour magazine’s annual style poll, becoming a trendsetter at such a young age.

Suri with parents Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

21-year-old Emma Watson topped the poll with Cheryl Cole, 27, in second place. But these are celebrities 4 to 5 times Suri’s age.

Suri is regularly spotted wearing bright red lipstick, gold high heels and clip-on earrings.

Suri Cruise in high heels and wearing earrings

Suri Cruise in high heels

Suri Cruise trying out lipsticks on her hand

Suri Cruise trying out a pair of shoes

And all this, it seems, with her star parents’ encouragement.

Glamour claims Suri “has the most coveted wardrobe in Hollywood”, to be worth close to a staggering £2MILLION.

Suri Cruise's outfits

Suri Cruise

There are entire blogs dedicated to Suri’s outfits, including one that catalogues every item of clothing she wears.

Suri Cruise...lovely!

Suri Cruise

In Suri’s wardrobe, you will find most of Marc Jacobs’ Junior collection. Designer Giorgio Armani has custom-made outfits for her.

Her winter coat is Burberry, not Mothercare. And she owns baby pink Ugg boots, which she alternates with her Marc Jacobs ballet pumps.

How cute!

Suri Cruise in her fur coat

Suri Cruise in ballet dress

Her sunglasses are £80 Ray-Ban kids, and she totes a £500 Ferragamo handbag.

Suri has courted controversy when she was pictured wearing high heels.

Many may envy Suri’s life as a young Hollywood princess but I think she may have been deprived of a normal childhood with all the pampering by her parents and the effects of Tom Cruise’s religion, Scientology.

Scientologists treat kids like adults, independent individuals capable of making their own decisions.

For Suri Cruise, that means 1 a.m. dinners, playing with penis-shaped candies and still being allowed to use a pacifier.

Suri Cruise with pacifier at age 4

Suri is such a sweet and beautiful little girl. It is so sad that she cannot enjoy the childhood she deserves because of her dad’s Scientology beliefs.

Suri Cruise ...isn't she so lovely?

Let her have a normal childhood, Tom!

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