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Miss World 2010 In Nude Photo Scandal

November 16, 2010
Miss World 2010

Newly-crowned Miss World Alexandria Mills has hogged the headlines again but for all the wrong reasons. She had gone from pageant underdog to stardom to scandal. The 18-year-old Miss United States beat favourite Miss Norway to snatch a controversial victory at the 2010 Miss World pageant contest at the Beauty Crown Cultural Center in Sanya, China, on October 30, amidst accusations from many quarters that Miss Norway was robbed of the title due to pressure from the Chinese authorities.

Alexandria Mills

The success and happiness of being the first American woman to hold the coveted crown, however, have been short-lived as Mills now joins the ranks of celebrities who made headlines for scandalous nude photos.

Miss World 2010

RadarOnline claims it has a saucy image of the blue-eyed bombshell posing naked in her bathroom. The image is believed to have been taken by Mills this summer and later sent to her then-boyfriend. The site says it has confirmed its authenticity. However at this time the picture has not been posted on its site.

This isnít the first time that a beauty queen has been embroiled in a nude photo scandal. Mills is the first American to win the Miss World title, but definitely not the first beauty queen to be embroiled in scandal.

Miss New York Vanessa Williams took the Miss USA crown in 1984, the first African-American woman to win the title. Pageant officials asked her to resign the title later that year, after nude photos appeared of her in Penthouse magazine.

Vanessa Williams in Penthouse

Miss Nevada Katie Rees won the crown in 2007 before diving headlong into controversy. Soon after her win, explicit photos emerged of the beauty queen exposing herself, kissing other women and simulating oral sex with men and women at a party in Tampa, Florida several years earlier. Pageant officials investigated and stripped Rees of her title.

Katie Rees

Katie Rees

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