The six-year-old HIV carrier, Ah Long – who has been living alone since his mother and father died of AIDS in 2008 and 2010 respectively – is now putting up at a charity home for the time being.

Prior to this, the boy did his own washing, cooking, studying and he also reared some chicken.

Ah Long making a fire to cook dinner

Ah Long playing in front of his house

Ah Long studying in his room alone

He had been living in his parents’ house at the foothill village of Malu Mountain in Liuzhou in Guangxi Province, China. Ah Long has an 84-year-old grandmother, who visited him quite frequently and often cooked for him. The granny also planted some vegetables near the house for Ah Long.

Ah Long carrying firewoods down the mountain path to his home

Due to his condition, he was rejected by the nearby primary school and most of the people including his friends distanced themselves from him. Even doctors did not want to treat his wounds and his only family member his granny refused to live with him. And the Welfare Department declined to take care of the boy.

His only companion is a dog called Lao Hei.

Ah Long playing with Lao Hei in front of their house

He used to receive 70 yuan monthly subsistence allowance from the civil bureau which was not enough.

Since Ah Long’s story was highlighted by the media, the boy has received tremendous attention from the public as well as the government in China.

Early this month, a charity home in the city of Liuzhou, where the boy lives at the foothill village of Malu Mountain, agreed to take care of him.

The government will also provide an annual living allowance of 1,200 yuan each to Ah Long and his 84-year-old grandmother.

Many people have also shown their love and care for the boy. They have been sending him food, toys, winter clothing and other essential items.

Caring netizens also raised 24,000 yuan to build a new home for Ah Long. One of them, Zhang Fei, who supervised the construction, said the new house is about 60-square-metre big. It has two bedrooms, a living room a kitchen and a toilet.

The new house (left) built for Ah Long is just next to the old one (right)

Now that Ah Long has gone to the charity home, the fate of the house is unknown. But it is heartening to know that Ah Long’s sad plight as a lonely orphan and society outcast is finally coming to an end. A better tomorrow beckons!