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Mum Uploads Video Of Nude Gan Lulu To Find A Suitor

February 16, 2011
A very pretty Gan Lulu

A desperate Beijing mother who wants to find a boyfriend for her daughter has uploaded a video of the naked girl walking out of a shower while fielding questions on prospective boyfriends.

The footage begins with the mother speaking to the camera and declaring her intention of finding a boyfriend for her 26-year-old daughter Lulu.

The camera then follows the mother towards the bathroom, where her daughter walks out in the nude.

When asked about her requirements for a boyfriend, the daughter replies:

“I don’t have any, as long as he is good to you and me, even a beggar is fine,” the girl said, when asked what her requirements were.

The online community has speculated that the daughter in the footage is an actress named Ganlulu and the footage is genuine. The video has become a huge hit in the cyberspace of China.

YouTube Preview Image

Her mom is trying to find her a boyfriend and she is already 26 years old

From their accent, it is believed that the mother and daughter are from Hunan.

According to some sources, they say that the girl in the video is Ganlulu, a China actress. But this is unconfirmed. Gan Lulu is a very pretty and sexy China actress....enjoy her photos below.

Gan Lulu

A very pretty Gan Lulu

Gan Lulu showing off her assets

After seeing all these photos of Gan Lulu, I believe Lulu would have suitors lining up for miles to try to win her heart without needing to resort to this. With her great beauty and her hyper-sexy body, Gan Lulu is the dream woman for many men! So is the woman in the video really Gan Lulu? If so, is this a publicity stunt? I honestly don't know.

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