Taiwanese performer Shara Lin is gaining fame as her video goes viral worldwide. She is no ordinary girl she is a one girl band, playing violin, zither and piano.

Shara Lin Yixin-Taiwanese-one-girl-band

Her musical multi-tasking is on YouTube in a training video of her performing Taiwanese artist Jolin Tsai’s song “Dancing Diva” that has garnered almost 5 million views on YouTube since it was uploaded on May 3.

Lin, a 25-year-old actress who has a music degree, put the performance together within five days for a blend of classical and Taiwanese pop music that has her tucking the violin under her chin and stretching out as needed to both piano and zither.

Shara Lin

"I think the toughest part is to play the piano and the zither simultaneously. We tried many times to figure out this position for my left hand to play the piano, and right hand to play the zither," Lin said.

"When I have to look at both the piano and the zither, I really wished my eyes could grow wider apart. If I have to play (them) together, I must play by feel."

Lin started to play the piano at age three. Her interest in music soon expanded into other instruments including the violin, zither, guitar, jazz drums and harmonica.

Lin said she is willing to try other creative performances in the wake of her YouTube success.

"After people saw this video, they suggested that I can play the drum with my foot and also add the harmonica," she said.

"I said okay, I will consider that."

Because of her fame, she has been featured in news reports from around the world and has also created a huge buzz online.

Wanna get to know Shara Lin better? Go her Facebook page and her Sina Weibo account.