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Sexy Photos Of Huang Wen Yong’s Daughter Nicole Huang

August 6, 2011
Huang Wen Yong's daughter Nicole Huang

Malaysian-born Singaporean actor Huang Wen Yong, 59, is reportedly angered by her daughter Nicole Huang’s posting of her sexy photos online on her Facebook page and her personal blog.

The photos show the 20-year-old Nicole in bikinis flaunting her C-cup assets, in tight tank tops, lounging sexily on her bed, biting her lips and smoking a cigarette.

Huang Wen Yong's daughter Nicole Huang

Nicole Huang

Nicole Huang

The freelance model is a self-confessed clubber too, as shown by her wild partying photos posted online.

She started her blog in March this year and her blog has seen a dramatic spike in the number of visitors lately. She updates the blog with photos showing her flaunting her eye-popping cleavage every other day.

Nicole Huang flaunting her cleavage

Nicole recently graduated from Singapore Polytechnic and is furthering her studies at the Singapore Institute of Management.

She has become a very hot trend on Google Singapore. So apparently her strategy has really worked out very well, propelling her into the limelight in Singapore.

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