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Keeping ‘Abreast’ With The BustySingaporean Li Ling Ling

April 15, 2012
Li  Ling Ling aka the BustySingaporean

Bustysingaporean…..just the name will send the minds of men into overdrive, leading them to conjure images of a voluptuous sexy woman.

Well, if you take a look at the photos of Bustysingaporean, she lives up to her nickname.

Li Ling Ling aka the BustySingaporean

Isn't she busty?

Li Ling Ling (李玲玲), an ex-banker and freelance model with vital statistics of 38DD-25-34, shot to the top of Google Singapore hot trends for several days in late October last year when some unscrupulous IT technician uploaded her topless naked photos on to the internet, creating a massive viral effect.

She believes that a computer technician in the US was the culprit behind the leakage of her racy photos. She was traveling in the U.S.A. and staying at a hotel when she had to send her laptop for repair. Someone saw her photos on her laptop and uploaded the more racy photos to the Internet with her email address and posting it to many websites and web forums. The topless photos have been circulated like wild fire on some pornography websites.

Prior to the topless photos scandal, she had been uploading sexy photos (but not the topless and naked photos) of herself onto her website. She also freelances as a glamour model.

According to her online profile, Ling Ling used to work as a public relations manager in a well-known American bank in Singapore. But after the scandal unfolded, she quit her job and fled Singapore to stay away from the limelight until the fallout from the scandal had died down.

Born in Taiwan on 11th November 1975, Li moved to Singapore at a young age and was raised in a strict Chinese family. She is one smart lady with the following qualifications: Bachelor of Law in University of Saskatchewan in 2000, Master of Law in University of London in 2005 and Master of Business Administration in University of York in 2008.

She enjoys the attention of men, and gets a kick from the hungry stares of men when she dresses sexily. She is constantly aware that her cleavage always creates a lot of excitement in the public. With men constantly staring at her, she tends to breathe faster in the excitement of exhibitionism. It is very exciting for her when she sees men adjusting their pants when they stare at her body.

She was approached by an overseas model scout who was keen on signing her up as their in-house lingerie model. She always ended up modelling in skimpy outfits. With an angelic face and a devilish figure, she was always one of the favorite models of clients promoting sexy outfits. They always give her 1 size smaller than her normal size.

Li Ling Ling in bikinis

About half a year has elapsed since the scandal unfolded. Many people are wondering where is Ling Ling and what she is doing now. Well, I have good news for you all. Ling Ling is back in Singapore, pondering on her next career move.

Personally, I think she might do well if she decides to go into marketing of sexy lingerie. After all, she used to model in sexy lingerie. Hmmm…maybe she can name her business “Bustline.”

Maybe MediaCorp should hire her as a news anchor. She could really boosts the TV ratings especially if she wears sexy attire when doing the news broadcast.

The ratings of Japan’s NHK television channel have risen following the introduction of a busty news anchor by the name of Sugiura Yuki. Sugiura Yuki – who has a pair of G-cup breasts – has taken the anchor responsibilities in the morning news segment of the TV station. Although the 28-year-old has not shown off her assets, she has captured much attention. Her appearance on the news segment also became a hot social topic, which helped to boost the ratings of the programme.

Sugiura Yuki

Just imagine a news programme called Busty News with Bustysingaporean as the anchor. I bet Singaporean males will be glued to the TV when the programme is on the air, hoping to keep ‘abreast’ with the news!

Bustysingaporean in a teasing pose

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