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A Guide To Understanding Women

May 15, 2011
Difference between men and women

When God created men and women, he made them different. Men come with a “P” and women come with a “V”. Yes, men and women have different genitalia.  But is that all the difference between men and women? Not by a long shot!

Difference between men and women

Difference between the way man and woman view their bodies

Women fall in love with men for their charm and rough edges, but they will only keep their men when their men show that they can take a certain degree of training. Remember, a good woman will change her man, but it’s almost always for the better.

There are some men who believe they need a complicated empirical formula to understand women. It’s true that women can at times be almost impossible to understand in relationships. However, it only takes some patience, time and a little determination to decipher even the most confusing female behavior.

The formula to understand women

Do research by spending some time with your female friends, female colleagues, sisters, or female relatives and pick their brains. Ask questions that have been baffling you. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn about female behavior, habits, interests and desires just by spending time with them.

Get out of your comfort zone. Most women expect their men to be in touch with their own emotions as well. Learn to open up and not keep all your feelings bottled up inside. Let down your guard and confide in her about any life-changing events or experiences, such as the death of a loved one. As you continue to share your inner-most emotions with her, the bond between you and her will grow immensely. For women, sharing emotions and stories is an important part of a relationship.

Women need to communicate often to feel connected. This means talking, looking, touching … but essentially talking. Listen to what she has to say. This requires staying silent on your part. You have probably conditioned yourself to look as though you’re listening when, in fact, your mind is somewhere else completely. It’s time to stop such disrespectful behavior and get used to giving the woman in your life your undivided attention. All you have to do is to listen. In most situations, you don’t even have to give any advice because all she wants is to know that you care.By listening intently, you will be warmly appreciated.

Understanding woman

Women do not always want you to fix things; they often just want you to listen, be sympathetic and tell them about a time when you felt the exact same way. When men listen to a problem, they immediately think of doing something to solve it. Do not do that, just listen without offering advice or, if you feel you must do something, ask: “Is this one of those times when you want me to listen and not give you advice, or can I say something?” If you do it this way, she will see you really understand her and she is going to appreciate you a lot.

Talk to her. When the two of you have a disagreement or argument, do not give her the silent treatment. You must let go of your pride, however difficult it may be, and approach her for a heart-to-heart conversation. If you refuse to open up, you will only make the woman in your life feel more insecure and uncertain about the relationship, and this will make her behavior seem that much more confusing.

Walk a mile in her shoes. You will gain a much broader understanding of women in relationships if you simply take the time and effort to acknowledge the struggles and disappointments that women face. Try to look at the world from a female viewpoint, but be aware that the view may be quite overwhelming. As you become familiar with some of the hardships that women face, you will gain a much deeper understanding of a woman’s mind and heart. When that occurs, you will never be confused again.

Women are such amazing beings!

Women understand that they are physically weaker than men. Women see the world as “violent”, contrary to men, who mainly find it “competitive”. That is why women, even teenagers, look for company to walk with them in the streets, or look forward to living with a man by their side when they grow up. This gives them a feeling of security: the most important requirement to develop and fulfill their femininity.

When they find this security, the next step in a woman’s world is to take care of their immediate environment. Not only do they have to be beautiful, taking care of themselves… their immediate environment also needs to be beautiful. That is why women care so much about that “pretty little earring” and little things.

It has been said that women are funny beings and the more men try to understand them the more men get confused and disoriented. The secret to understanding women is to realize that they are emotional beings driven by spikes in hormonal changes in the body.

Understanding women

When a woman says, “You’re … so manly” it means—– You’re a little strong on the scent, need a shave, and you sweated a lot.

When a woman says, “You’re certainly attentive tonight”, it means —— Is sex all you ever think about?

When a woman says, “Do you love me?”, it means —– I’m going to ask for something really expensive from you.

When a woman says, “How much do you love me?” it means —– I did something terrible today and you’re really not going to like it, but if you love me as much as you should it won’t really matter.

When a woman says, “Did you just hear the baby?” it means—– Get your butt out of bed right now, and go get the baby and do what ever it takes to quiet him, so I can get some rest.

A woman’s prerogative is to change like the wind! So be prepared!

Oh yes, my fellow men, despair no more. I have found the definitive guide to understanding women. So cheer up, man!  You are gonna love this book!

The definitive guide to women

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