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Amazon Eve – World’s Tallest Model

February 20, 2011
Eve "wrestling" with 2 men

31-year-old Amazon Eve, who became an international sensation after appearing on the cover of an Australian tabloid Zoo Weekly, has been certified by the Guiness Book of World Records as the “World’s Tallest Model.”

Eve towers above others in the crowd

World's tallest model

Eve "wrestling" with 2 men

In addition to modeling, Eve has worked as a personal trainer, paralegal, and professional dominatrix, which remains her current gig. Eve insists that being a dominatrix isn’t as kinky as it sounds.

The 6ft 8 inches model, also known as Babezilla in the modeling world, took an unusual route to becoming known as “The World’s Tallest Model.” After unfulfilling stints as a paralegal and a personal trainer, Eve learned from a client—who just happened to be a professional dominatrix—that there may be some gentlemen interested in meeting her.

“The dominatrix said that it would be a great way to make money,” Eve explains. “I said no at first, but she was persistent. She had a client fly in from Phoenix to meet me—I stood there for two hours in high heels while he was down on the floor, looking up at me. He paid me $800—it was that easy.”

The fellow from Phoenix was far from her most unusual client. “There is a guy who is the ‘Mr. Big’ of the oil business—really powerful,” says Eve. “I picked him up and he reverted to the fetal position in my arms. I was a little weirded out by that.”

While Eve’s main source of income may sound kinky, she insists it’s anything but, “It’s not sexual,” insists Eve. “It’s more about safety and security.”

Amazon Eve in underwear

Amazon Eve in swimsuit

“One of my fans put me in touch with Zoo Weekly,” says Eve. “They photographed me with a short little 5’ model for comparison—it was their most successful issue ever. The video went viral and became one of the most Googled things on the Internet!”

The men's magazine featured the bikini-clad Eve towering over another model whose head barely reached the amazon's chest.

Amazon Eve in a Zoo Weekly photo showing her towering over another model

Amazon Eve in another Zoo Weekly photo

Amazon Eve showing off her cleavage in another Zoo Weekly photo

Eve said she’s ready to take her newfound fame and put it into something bigger. She enjoys the idea of being a "perfect Bond villain," and claims she would be willing to show off assets other than her height.

"Sure I would do Playboy," said Eve. "I would need to reduce my muscle mass and soften up a bit, but Hugh Hefner is the only one I would pose nude for, because he does it so tastefully."

For all her professional success, Eve hasn’t had the easiest time with relationships. “For a while, I wouldn’t date men shorter than me,” laughs Eve. “I have dated six men taller than me—not a lot. You need variety. Men are like shoes—if they don’t fit, it’s not going to work! I don’t use height as a benchmark anymore. I’ve dated men as short as 5’4”.”

While Eve is currently dating, she hasn’t quite found “The One.” “I’m not in a committed relationship,” says Eve. “But I would love to get married one day—finding the dress, that’s another challenge!”

And what does Eve consider husband material? “I like a little old school, I like humor—I like men who are calm and don’t have drug or alcohol issue. But there’s no perfect man out there—I do know that!”

Amazon Eve in bikini

Amazon Eve with another model

Amazon Eve in a playful mood

Amazon Eve towers over the man

Eve (born Erika Ervin on February 23, 1979) is of German and Dutch ancestry and resides in Redondo Beach, California. She credits her height to genes - saying her German and Dutch heritage is the reason why she is so tall.

She said: 'All the women in my family are tall.'

You can see how tall she is

Another photo showing Eve's towering height

Eve grew up in a small town in Central California. She studied theater arts and business management in college. Later she studied law and exercise physiology and has done stints as a certified personal trainer and as a wrestler. She is currently a model and a professional dominatrix.

Boasting a 40-inch inseam and 38DD bust, the size 12-14 model, about 30 percent of the model’s income comes from modeling and print campaigns.

"I'm plus-sized and I'm thin and super-fit," she said. "I'd like to homogenize what sexy means. It's not just what's on a magazine cover."

What's more, Eve wears a ladies size 14 shoe which makes shopping for footwear more than a little difficult.

At a recent party at the Playboy Mansion, Eve said, "the bunnies sized me up and treated my body like a stripper pole!"

The world's tallest model is living the high life - travelling the globe showing off her giant frame.

Eve in London

Eve travels to cities around the world

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