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Attack Of The Asian Carps

June 27, 2011
Flying Asian carp

This YouTube video seems to be a scene from a “fish attacking human beings” movie. The footage was filmed on the flooded Spoon River in Illinois by someone going by the name of Boodhaman on YouTube.

Flying Asian carp

Countless Asian carps leap out of the water, flying in the air with many landing in the boat. By the time the party in the boat finished their boat trip, they counted more than 7o 5-10 lbs carps inside their boat.

The Asian carp are notorious for their jumping ability — caused by a fear of boats.

The user who posted the video on YouTube said the funniest part of the Carp attack was that his youngest nephew was so frightened that he just curled up in the foetal position in the front of the boat the entire time.

What an easy way to catch fish! Anyway, enjoy the video clip!

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