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Berita Harian’s Offending Tsunami Caricature

March 13, 2011
Berita Harian's offending Ultraman/tsunami caricature

Japan is facing severe trauma in the aftermath of the massive earthquake and the ensuing tsunami. The final death toll is expected to exceed 10,000. Indeed, this is Japan’s most difficult crisis since World War Two.

Malaysian newspaper Berita Harian, in a stupid display of bad taste and lack of compassion, published a caricature in their editor’s column today depicting popular Japanese cartoon character Ultraman trying to outrun an incoming tsunami.

Berita Harian's offending Ultraman/tsunami caricature

According to CNN iReport, a section of the site where the public reports the news, the newspaper has received tremendous criticism by readers, who accused the editors of being “inconsiderate and distasteful”.

Several political leaders have even stepped out and demand a public apology, to which the editors promptly made on their publication’s Facebook fan page. Angry people have left scathing remarks on the fan page, condemning the editors.

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