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Bride’s 3 Km Veil Is World’s Longest

September 25, 2011
Elena De Angelis is all smiles after breaking the world record in Italy for her cream dress

Italian bride Elena De Angelis entered the record book when she wore the world’s longest wedding veil on her marriage to Ferdinand Pucci this week.

The entire village of Casal di Princice came to a stand still for the epic wedding dress which was carried through the town

Created a huge sensation in the village of Casal di Principe, Naples, Italy, she was applauded by the whole village while she was driven to the church in a cream open-top classic car with her 3 km veil stretching down the street behind and requiring 600 people to help her carry the headpiece.

The newly-wed in the open-top classic car (Photo : Rex Features)

Elena is sitting in the vintage car as hundreds of people come out to help her carry the dress through the streets of Casal di Principe

Elena De Angelis is all smiles after breaking the world record in Italy for her cream dress

The cream dress, designed by Gianni Molaro, is expected to be confirmed as the world’s longest by the Guinness book of Records.

Molaro said: “I was really greateful to be asked to design this veil. I met tens of thousands of people on the way to the church who complimented my idea.

“I wanted this veil to symbolise peace and hope and I think we have achieved this.

“This has been one of the biggest moments in my career as a designer.”

The white silk veil, about 28 times the length of Manchester United’s Old Trafford pitch and would take Usain Bolt running at blistering world record pace almost five minutes to run its full length, took dozens of seamstresses several months to create.

Hundreds of workers from the design company worked together to get the three kilometre long dress into the church

Three-kilometre long wedding veil (Photo Rex Features)

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