For decades, adultery has been a crime in Korea punishable by up to two years in jail but South Korea’s highest court has just struck down the law, a statute that critics said is anachronistic and infringes on personal freedom, sending shares of the country's biggest condom maker surging.

The law banning adultery had been enacted in 1953 to protect wives who were financially dependent on their husbands and had little recourse against cheating husbands in a male-dominated society where divorce was rare. More recently, supporters of the law have argued that it preserves conservative family values amid a surge of modernisation. But divorce rates and women’s economic and legal standing have soared in the decades since, leaving many to argue that the law outlived its usefulness.

"The law is unconstitutional as it infringes people's right to make their own decisions on sex and secrecy and freedom of their private life, violating the principle banning excessive enforcement under the constitution," said Seo Ki-seok, a constitutional court justice, reading an opinion representing five justices.

The presiding justice, Park Han-chul, said: “Public conceptions of individuals’ rights in their sexual lives have undergone changes.”

One dissenter, justice Ahn Chang-ho, said the vote would “spark a surge in debauchery”.

Seven members of the nine-judge panel deemed the law to be unconstitutional.

Shares in Unidus Corp, which produces lines of condoms called Long-Love, Fantasia and Real Touch, as well as “sensual lubricants” and latex medical products such as surgical gloves, soared to the 15 per cent daily limit gain on the country’s Kosdaq market after the ruling legalizing adultery.


Each year several thousand spouses file criminal adultery complaints in South Korea but it is rare for someone to be jailed partly because courts have demanded stronger proof that sexual intercourse occurred.  According to prosecutors, no one was put behind bars last year although 892 were indicted on adultery charges. Charges are frequently dropped, as divorcing couples increasingly turn to civil courts and financial settlements to resolve their differences.

Judicial authorities have revisited the law five times since 1990, most recently in 2008, when the actress Ok So-ri admitted to having an affair with a singer, sparking a high-profile scandal; her husband, a radio announcer, demanded that she receive the full sentence. Ok petitioned the constitutional court, and five judges voted in her favour — one fewer than the threshold to have the law overturned. She was handed a suspended sentence, and did not spend time in jail.


Under the law, cases could be brought against people only by their spouses, and if a spouse chose to drop the complaint, the prosecutors could not continue.


The Rainbow Loom craze is spreading like wildfire worldwide and has made its creators wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

Rainbow Loom Kit

The Rainbow Loom is a plastic pegboard (measuring 2 inches 8 inches) used to weave colorful rubber bands into bracelets, charms and a whole lot of other things (the possibilities are limited only by your imagination).  It has push pin-type pegs over which small, colored rubber bands are looped and pulled by a rainbow loom crochet hook. The resulting looped knots, known as Brunnian links, can be assembled on the loom into bracelets and other shapes. The Rainbow Loom kit includes a pegboard, a rainbow loom hook, 24 special C-shaped clips, and 600 small rubber bands in assorted colors.

Rainbow Loom bracelets

Rainbow Loom creation


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North Korean soldiers have invaded South Korea and have taken 150,000 American citizens hostage!

After heavily bombarding South Korea with rockets and bombs, North Korean soldiers carrying North Korean flags streamed triumphantly into South Korea.

Don’t be alarmed. This is just a North Korean propaganda film depicting the North Korean military dictatorship’s dream of supremacy over the US.

The four-minute video, entitled A Short, Three-Day War, has been put up on a website used by the totalitarian state to show its aggressive stance towards USA and the West after UN tightened its sanctions on North Korea.

A male voiceover narrates how paratroopers land in Seoul, taking the city with accomplished street-fighting, while thousands of tanks roll across snow-covered landscapes. Meanwhile US Navy ships in the region are destroyed, and 150,000 American troops and expats are taken hostage.

The narrator goes to describe how the rogue state gains supremacy in a three-day battle after destroying American military bases on the Pacific island of Guam and Japan.

The clip ends with an image of the Korean People's Army (KPA) troops holding their rifles aloft in triumph as the sun goes down on their successful military onslaught.

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A fishmonger at  Queen's Market in East London in UK has shot to fame with his “One Pound Fish” jingle.

An amateur video featuring Muhammed Shahid Nazir, aka the "One Pound Fish Man", has propelled the little-known fish seller into fame beyond his wildest dreams. The two-minute video, showing him peddling his fish at Queen's Market through a silly sing-along to anyone who would listen, has gone viral with almost 5 millions views since it was uploaded to YouTube on April 1, 2012 (yes, on April's Fool Day!).

"Have-a, have-a look, one pound fish. Very, very good, very, very cheap, one pound fish," goes the song.

YouTube Preview Image

The 31-year-old shot to even more nationwide attention after failing to make the cut on Britain's reality music show, X Factor UK. However, he has since been signed on by Warner Music Group, releasing his first single aptly titled "One Pound Fish" in time for Christmas.

The video of the song, which has already hit 3 million views since it was uploaded on December 10, shows him singing the same song but in all its full glitz and glamour.

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You are stuck in a lift when the light suddenly flickers off. When the light comes on again, you see a creepy little child with a pale face and scraggly hair, dressed like the ghost girl from The Ring and holding a doll. How would you react?

Some Brazilians found out the terrifying way when they fall victims to a TV pegadinha (prank) carried out by Programa Silvio Santos (The Silvio Santos Program), a prank which has now been described as the most terrifying TV prank ever.

The video of the prank uploaded to YouTube on November 26 has gone viral with about 50 million views on YouTube alone.

In the video the adults who are set up are seen arriving in reception and are shown to a lift. They think they are traveling up- although the lift is actually still – until it suddenly halts and the lights go out. Under the cover of darkness a little child, dressed like the ghost girl from The Ring, emerges from a trap door at the side and when the lights return they are greeted by her. Sometimes she stands still and simply screams in their face.

Reactions of the victims include screaming in terror, jumping in the air, cowering in the corner and jamming the emergency button. One man is so scared he throws his hands over his face in shock and then proceeds to run out the lift when the doors open as the little girl chases him along.

I wonder whether the pranksters have ever considered the safety of the girl who acted as the ghost. She could have been punched by some of the victims. And if some of the victims have weak heart, they could have drop dead from seizures and heart attacks.

I dare you to watch the video now:

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A Singapore video entitled Old Man Gets Sexually Harassed By Sexy Colleagues has gone viral, garnering over 2 million views since it was uploaded to YouTube on November 18.

The video stars 53-year-old Toh Kia Hing as a Hokkien-speaking uncle who gave up what most men would consider a dream job – massaging models – to take up an office job, only to find that he can't shake his past and end up sexually harassed by the hot, young women in his office in blatant attempts to get him to massage them. They slip off their jackets, smile sweetly, flirt and tug at his shirt, hoping he would lay his magic fingers on them.

These hot ladies are played by 19-year-old full-time model Hazel Low, 21-year-old student Clovie Peck, 24-year-old personal assistant Rachael Sia and 25-year-old model and DJ Ms Tenashar.

Mr Toh, a Hainanese,  says that he is nothing like his onscreen persona.

For one thing, he readily admits: "In real life, I'd be delighted to massage pretty girls all day."

He also speaks fluent English and sounds nothing like the Hokkien-spewing uncle in the video.

In real life, Mr Toh works as a sound engineer for concerts and conferences. In his more than 30 years experience, he has worked with famous singers like Shakira, James Ingram and Anastacia.

He has become Singapore's hottest uncle!

Enjoy the video!

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Imagine this scenario. Each time a man masturbates, another man dies. This discovery forces government officials to make masturbation illegal. When masturbation is made illegal, everyone is faced with a choice: Come or Die

However, two men decide to use this as a weapon to make themselves the last men on earth…

In a parody inspired by the film ’The Day the Earth Stood Still’ and created by French comedy group Golden Moustache,  humanity faces extinction after the discovery that masturbation leads to the death of others.

The video, uploaded to YouTube on November 7, has gone viral with more than 2.5 million views. It is touted to be the trailer for an upcoming movie but I don’t believe that at all. But it is a freaking hysterical clip! And though it is in French, you don’t need subtitles for this!

Hint: Watch out for the ending!

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A kungfu baby is the star of a short film that features the baby Bruce Lee engaged in a martial arts battle with a cuddly dragon.

French Canadian self-taught director and former comic book creator Patrick Boivin, who created the Iron Baby film short starring his baby daughter Marguerite Bulte Boivin two years ago, has returned with a new short film titled Dragon Baby that has gone viral, racking up about 22 million views since it was uploaded to YouTube on November 2.

The film stars his baby son, Romeo Elvis Bulte Boivin, dressed in a suit in a homage to the iconic black and yellow tracksuit featured in both the Bruce Lee film Enter the Dragon and Kill Bill by Quentin Tarantino.

The film opens on the baby Bruce Lee playing with a leaf, before the rampaging dragon enters and kicks the child's toy.

A ferocious battle ensues with the dragon initially getting the upper hand and knocking the baby to the floor. But Dragon Baby quickly recovers and in a flurry of flying fists punches through his cuddly opponent's chest, coming away with a fist full of stuffing.

Enjoy the battle now:

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Artist Trina Merry, from San Francisco, California, has truly lifted art to a new level with her human motorbike creations which are bound to get plenty of adrenalin rush.

Merry is inspired by what our bodies can and cannot do. For her human motorbike creations, she uses naked models covered in bodypaint and contorted into human motorbikes.

The incredible designs will be used to front the Progressive International Motorbike Show as it tours the U.S

Another incredible design

Another incredible design

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Being a “bagel head” is, indeed, currently in vogue in Tokyo. Japanese body modification photographer Ryoichi “Keroppy” Maeda brought this trend to Japan in 2007 when he set up a team and started doing forehead infusions as a form of extreme body modification. He first witnessed the bizarre practice in 1999 at a body modification show in Toronto. He experienced it himself in 2003, and eventually asked permission from the artist who perfected the technique to bring it to Japan.

People resort to such extreme body modification techniques because they are into this kind of stuff and are always looking for ways to set themselves apart from the crowd and enjoying being freaks for one night.

The trend was featured in National Geographic’s “Taboo: Bagel Heads” on September 27, 2012, during which three Japanese opted to have injections on their forehead just to be “in” for the latest body modification trend in Japan.

“Bagel heading,” as the procedure is being called, can be performed at registered body modification clinics – the type of place that administers piercings and tattoos. Practitioners will insert a needle in the forehead to inject about 400 cc of saline solution (a sterile salt water safe for the human body) through an IV drip in order to create a swollen forehead-sized blob. The large bubble takes about two hours to form completely, at which point the body artist removes the drip and presses a thumb into the middle of the blob (or blobs) to create an a large, bagel-like shape on the person’s forehead.

Three Japanese bagelheads

The blob is just temporary, lasting for about 16 to 24 hours, after which the saline will eventually get absorbed by the body and the shape of the forehead goes back to normal.

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