News about an alien filmed by tourists in Brazilian forest have made the headlines on many reputable news media worldwide a couple of days ago.

A video of the ‘alien’ was obtained by noted paranormal writer Michael Cohen and is claimed to have been filmed by two British tourists visiting the Mamaus region of the Amazon.

While for many the images can simply be dismissed as a well-executed hoax, Mr Cohen, who runs the noted paranormal website, suggests the photos go some way to proving the existence of aliens.

Children pose for the camera while, behind them, a bright light flashes (circled right) and what looks like a small being stands to the right of a tree (circled left)

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Residents in Huanshan City in East China have been stunned after a giant mirage of a “ghost city” towered across the skyline earlier this month.

The apparition of tall buildings, mountains and trees appeared to rise up through the ghostly mist that had descended over the river at dusk after heavy rainfall and humid conditions along the Xin’an River.

An entire island with trees, tall buildings and mountains in the distance can be seen in the dusk light

Stunned residents recorded the footage with some even suggesting that it could have been a “vortex” to a lost civilisation.

The pictures have baffled even experts who visited the city to check out the strange happening.

It is believed that the sight may have been a mirage – a form of illusion that is common in in humid weather. The phenomenon is caused when moisture in the air becomes warmer than the temperature of water below it and refracts rays of sunlight to create reflections in the sky.

The patterns in the mirage are typically blurred and shimmering with a resemblance to human structures. But this apparent mirage in China would rate as one of the clearest ever recorded.

“It’s really amazing, it looks like a scene in a movie, in a fairlyland,” said one resident.


A strange footage of tiny circular specks of white light flying at high altitude over London in broad daylight was uploaded on YouTube two days ago.

Against the clear blue sky, five of the UFOs are seen speeding in the same direction before disappearing behind a cloud.

A much larger glowing disc then emerges from behind the same cloud.

It hovers slowly in a tight circle as other small specks follow the path of the others — before vanishing back behind the cloud.

The mysterious “mother ship” then returns to view briefly before finally disappearing.

A small crowd gathered near the Radio 1 studio in Great Portland Street, West London, to watch the spectacle and film it on their mobiles.


England’s version of the Loch Ness montser — dubbed “Bownessie” by locals — is hogging the spotlight after a kayaker’s recent cell phone photo of something strange in Lake Windermere has gone viral on the web.

Lake Windermere

The photo — which shows an object with multiple humps rising above the surface of the lake — is said to be the best evidence to date of Bownessie, and reminiscent of similar photos that some have alleged were of the Loch Ness Monster.

The English Nessie

The picture is stirring up a lot of of controversy, as the grainy image makes confirming any of the contents relatively impossible.

It was taken on Friday with a camera phone by 24-year-old Tom Pickles and 23-year-old Sarah Harrington, while they were kayaking on the lake as part of a team building activity with their IT company.

Tom Pickles and Sarah Harrington

The unidentified swimming object (USO) was spotted at 10.35am on the last day of the residential ‘team-building’ course. They had kayaked about 300 yards from the shore near Belle Isle when ‘something the size of three cars’ sped past. It glided through the still water at 10mph, clearly leaving a rippling wake.

“It was petrifying and we paddled back to the shore straight away. At first I thought it was a dog and then saw it was much bigger and moving really quickly at about 10mph. Each hump moved in a rippling movement and it appeared to have a huge shadow around it suggesting it was much bigger underwater. Its skin was like a seal’s but it’s shape was completely abnormal – it’s not like any animal I’ve ever seen before.”

Sarah said: “It was like a huge snake. It freaked us out and it was not until we saw the pictures that we believed our own eyes.”

Enormous rippples can be seen in its wake as the dark shape passed in front of foliage growing from the misty lake. But can it really be the beast of legend?

This is the eighth sighting of a long humpbacked creature in the past five years. It’s known by locals as “Bownessie”.

The photo taken by Pickles matches the description of an earlier sighting by journalism lecturer Steve Burnip. Mr. Burnip says of the picture: “I know what I saw and it shocked me, it had three humps and it’s uncanny the likeness between this and what I saw five years ago.”

Does the monster really exist? Or is it just a myth like the Loch Ness monster?

Loch Ness monster

Sceptic Dr Ian Winfield, a lake ecologist at the University of Lancaster, said: “It’s possible that it’s a catfish from Eastern Europe and people are misjudging the size but there is no known fish as large as the descriptions we’re hearing that could be living in Windermere.


Gabi Jones, a woman who experiences orgasms when she overeats, has set up a fetish website where people pay to watch her climax.

The 25-year-old from Colorado suffers from persistent genital arousal syndrome, where orgams are triggered without direct physical sexual contact.

Gabi Jones

Jones – who has ballooned in weight to 223 kg – explained that she had her first food-inspired orgasm as a teenager when eating an ice cream at the Wickedy Splits parlour.

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The Montauk Monster was a bloated, leathery animal corpse that was found on Ditch Plains Beach, Montauk, New York in 2008 — only it was like no animal anyone had seen before. A stout, hairless creature with a beak, claws, and the almond-shaped eyes familiar from renderings of space aliens, it looked, in short, like a monster. Hence the headline: “Dead Monster Washes Ashore in Montauk.”

The story surrounding the Montauk Monster began with an article in the local newspaper The Independent in 2008. Chief Britton, 20, of Bay Shore, and three friends said they found the creature on July 12 at Ditch Plains beach, two miles east of the district. “We were looking for a place to run when we saw some people looking at something… We didn’t know what it was… We joked that maybe it was something from Plum Island,” Britton stated.

In the widely-distributed image, the Montauk Monster appears to be mostly hairless, with a body type which vaguely resembles that of a dog, complete with four legs and a tail. However, the creature’s brow ridge also appears unusually prominent, and it seems to have a beak, rather than the more conventional jaw. One of its front paws is also elongated, and a scrap of leather or fabric is wrapped around the front leg.

Montauk Monster

The article wondered that the thing may be a turtle or some malformed test from the Plum Island Animal Disease Center. The Director of the East Hampton Natural Resources had said that the Montauk Monster actually was a raccoon with its upper jaw absent.

Most of the mundane explanations for the Montauk Monster focus on the fact that it was badly decomposed when it washed up, rendering it hard to identify. From the available evidence, the creature might be a dog, raccoon, or large rat. It may also be a mysteriously shell-less sea turtle.

Another photo of the "monster"

The  Montauk monster story had shocked millions of Americans who were convinced that it was a creature from the seas. Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman at Cryptomundo first coined the name “Montauk Monster” July 29, 2008 since it was found in the business district of Montauk, New York. The nickname spread globally on the Internet.

William Wise, director of marine living resources of Stony Brook University, interpreted the photo along with a colleague, in their view, being a fake, the result of “who got very creative with latex.” He highlighted the following features:

* Raccoon (legs appear too long in proportion to the body.)

* Sea Turtle (Sea turtles have no teeth)

* Rodents (Rodents have two huge, curved incisor teeth in front of the mouth)

* Dogs or other dogs, such as the coyote. (Prominent ridge eyes and feet do not match)

* Sheep (sheep, two-toed hoof, rather than multiple-toed paws)

* Sloth (fur fell after his deathbut sloths do not have tails).

The Montauk Monster  may also be part of a viral marketing campaign. Several of the people involved in the discovery of the creature have worked for viral marketing firms, and several films and television series could certainly benefit from the extra exposure. One film, Splinterheads, even claimed to have created the Montauk Monster, but it later withdrew the claim.

Conspiracy fans suggested that the Montauk Monster was an escapee from the neighboring Plum Island Animal Disease Center, a United States Department of Agriculture facility. Plum Island Animal Disease Center stressed that it had an impeccable safety record, and it clearly did not appreciate such speculation in the press.


ET and friends came calling on New York yesterday setting off lots of excitement and also anxiety among New Yorkers. Maybe ET and friends were trying to pay a courtesy call on Obama but their spacecraft(s) strayed off course and ended up over New York.

A mysterious shiny object(s) was seen floating high over Manhattan West Side, setting  off an UFO frenzy and a flurry of reports yesterday that an UFO was flying over the city.   The reports turned out to be true – confirmed by the Federal government.

UFO over New York?

Police and the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) said they began getting flooded with calls starting at 1:30 p.m. from people reporting a silvery object hovering high over Chelsea. And several residents said they not only saw the UFO, but they also saw three aliens in the “pilot seats” of the UFO. These people must have extremely powerful telescopic eyes! Oh yes, it’s ET and 2 of his friends!

Yes, people saw ET and 2 frens in the UFO!

The UFO was floating approximately 5,000 feet above Chelsea at 23rd Street and Eighth Avenue, where dozens of people gathered late in the afternoon to catch a glimpse.  Many residents were scared, thinking that the city was under attack.

Not long after the first sightings, messages began appearing on Twitter linking to a month-old press release announcing the publication of a book by a retired NORAD officer predicting that UFOs would buzz the earth’s major cities on Oct. 13.

The Federal Aviation Administration said it received several calls to its operations center.  After carefully reviewing the data, the FAA would not make a comment, though insiders say that they confirmed that it was in fact a UFO – one that they had been tracking for weeks.

Here’s one video of the sighting:

To some, the objects appeared to be yellow balloons, although there has been no official confirmation from the NYPD. On the streets below there was a lot of intrigue about the mystery going on up above.

Weird sightings in the sky are not new to our area. Back in January of 2009, strange, red, blinking lights could be seen across Morris County, N.J., and officials thought they had figured out what caused them.

In the end, though, it wasn’t exactly a close encounter.

It turns out the lights were part of a hoax. Prosecutors said two men with too much time on their hands pulled off the trick with five flares, fishing line and helium balloons.