Meet 7-year-old Huang Doudou, a girl from Urumqi, Mongolia.

Doudou’s tragic life recently stirred up much controversy in Chinese media after her shocking story became viral.

At the tender age of just seven she has to perform three  times a night, four nights a week as a restaurant dancer for 800 yuan (about $130) a month to help pay for her dancing tuition and support her disabled parents.

Huang Doudou strutting her dance routine at the restaurant

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The very talented but troubled pop star Amy Winehouse was been found dead yesterday afternoon at her flat in Camden, north London, after a suspected drug overdose at the age of just 27.

Amy Winehouse

Amy Jade Winehouse (14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011) was an English singer-songwriter, known for her powerful contralto vocals and her eclectic mix of musical genres including R&B, soul, and jazz.

After the wayward star collapsed at her flat, friends called the London Ambulance Service immediately but she died though help arrived in under 5 minutes. One friend said the singer, who had spent years battling heroin and alcohol addiction, had been taking ecstacy.

Amy's body removed from her home

Amy’s distraught father Mitch Winehouse, a taxi driver and part-time singer, had predicted his daughter would die if she didn’t quit booze and drugs.

The weeping father said: “This isn’t real… I’m completely devastated. I’m coming home. I have to be with Amy. I can’t crack up for her sake.”

Amy Winehouse with her father Mitch

Amy’s death has been described as “unexplained” by the police. But the singer, who had the world at her feet after her massively successful 2006 album Back to Black, had been battling alcohol and drug addiction.

Her death has been met with shock among the music world and an outpouring of grief from fans worldwide.

Tribute near Amy Winehouse's home in North London

Her pal Kelly Osbourne tweeted: “i cant even breath right my now im crying so hard i just lost 1 of my best friends. i love you forever Amy & will never forget the real you!”

Ex Premier Gordon Brown’s wife Sarah said on Twitter: “Sad, sad news of Amy Winehouse – great talent, extraordinary voice, and tragic death. Condolences to her family.”

Four days ago the singer, brought up in nearby Southgate by mum Janis, had appeared alongside her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield at the iTunes festival at the Camden Roudhouse where she urged the crowd to buy the young singer's album . Fans were delighted to see Amy, who stormed on stage and danced with the young artist. They said she seemed in great spirits.

Amy Winehouse with goddaughter Dionne Bromfield

That public appearance came after a string of incidents that alarmed friends. In May she admitted herself to The Priory clinic in South-West London and was pictured swigging a bottle of vodka ­moments before she arrived.

Weeks later her European tour was cancelled after a shambolic performance in Belgrade, Serbia, where she staggered on stage an hour late, appearing drunk and incoherent. Her 'performance' was booed by 20,000 irate fans - some who paid a week's salary to see her. Scores walked out in disgust. Then she told friends ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil, blamed for getting her hooked on hard drugs, was the only one who could save her.

An intoxicated Amy in Belgrade, Serbia

She acknowledged struggling with eating disorders and told a newspaper that she had been diagnosed as manic depressive but refused to take medication. She became more famous for her erratic behaviour, cancelled concerts and drink-and-drug-fuelled nights than her music. Amy also appeared unhealthily thin, with scabs on her face and marks on her arms, wearing scruffy clothes. Her distinctive jet-black beehive hairstyle, thick eye make-up and many tattoos were her trademark.

She wed Blake Fielder-Civil in May 2007 in Miami. It is alleged that he introduced the Back to Black star to heroin and crack cocaine. The two were also known to be violent with each other when intoxicated. They divorced in August 2009.

Amy Winehouse with Blake Fielder-Civil

The star had a troubled on-off relationship with Libertines singer Pete Doherty. The pair posted embarrassing videos on the internet, one of them playing with newborn mice.

Amy Winehouse with former boyfriend Pete Doherty

Recently Amy found love with horror film director Reg Traviss — and promised to come up with her long-awaited third album this year.

Amy Winehouse with Reg Traviss

Just hours before her death by her management team released a statement saying: “Amy Winehouse is withdrawing from all scheduled performances.”

Amy joins the notorious '27 Club' of musicians who have died at that age after struggling to cope with fame.

Other famous singers who all died at the same age of 27 include Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, who shot himself in 1994, Rolling Stones star Brian Jones, who drowned in a swimming pool in 1969, guitarist Jimi Hendrix, who choked to death in 1970 after mixing wine with sleeping pills, Doors star Jim Morrison, who died of heart failure in 1971, and singer Janis Joplin, who suffered a suspected heroin overdose in 1969.

Amy is survived by her father, Mitchell, mother, Janis, and older brother, Alex.

In her short lifetime, Amy Winehouse too often made headlines because of drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, destructive relationships and abortive performances. Her small but powerful body of recorded music will be her legacy.

RIP, Amy!

RIP, Amy!


Shannon Stone, a firefighter for 18 years, wanted to make his kid’s night at the Rangers-Oakland game at Rangers Ballpark on Thursday night. He and his son had travelled all the way from Brownwood, nearly a three-hour drive from the stadium in Arlington. He wore a white T-shirt and a blue Texas Rangers hat while his young son wore a red T-shirt and a red Rangers hat.

In the second inning, Oakland A’s outfielder, Conor Jackson, hit a screaming foul ball that ricocheted into left field. Josh Hamilton, the Rangers’ left fielder and the reigning AL MVP elected by fans to start his fourth consecutive All-Star game next week, picked it up. Shannon Stone, hoping to make his son happy by giving him the ball, called for Hamilton to throw him the ball. Hamilton obliged and tossed the ball toward Stone.

As Hamilton’s throw came in short, Stone stretched to grab it. Stone caught the ball in both hands but lost his balance in the process. The man sitting next to Stone tried unsuccessfully to grab his leg. Stone tumbled over the outfield railing and fell head first 20 feet onto concrete.

Stone was conscious after the fall. When paramedics arrived to stabilize Stone and take him to a hospital, Stone told them that his son was "up there by himself" and asked them to check on the boy.

Emergency workers tend to a man who fell out of the stands while trying to catch a baseball tossed his way during a game between the Texas Rangers and the Oakland Athletics.(Photo Credit : AP Photo Jeffery Washington)

Stone went into full arrest while being transported by ambulance and was pronounced dead at a Fort Worth hospital less than an hour after his fall.

"We had a very tragic accident tonight and one of our fans lost their life reaching over the rail trying to get a ball," team president Nolan Ryan said somberly after the Rangers' 6-0 victory over Oakland. "As an organization, and as our team members and our staff, we're very heavy-hearted about this, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family."

The area where the man landed was out of sight from the field.

Ryan described Hamilton as being "very distraught over this, as the entire team is."

osh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Former president George W. Bush, who used to be the team's managing general partner, was sitting in the front row with Ryan near the Texas dugout when the accident happened. Ryan left moments later while Bush remained in the seats.

Ryan said Bush was aware of what was happening.

It is so tragic that a man had to die while trying to catch a ball for his son. It is terrible that the son had to witness the whole thing. And it is really heartbreaking that the son will grow up without a father.

And it’s impossible not to have sympathy for Josh Hamilton. The foul ball that he threw into the stands may haunt him for the rest of his life, especially when he knows that if he just had thrown the ball a little farther, the boy’s father would still be alive.

Hamilton almost lost his baseball career to drugs before it even got started, and he only put his life back together by putting himself into the Lord’s hands. He is still haunted by his demons. When it looked like he might slip back into drinking a couple of years ago, he swore off alcohol. We can only hope that Hamilton will be strong enough to put this tragic incident behind him in the coming months.


South Korean police said Tuesday they will search a prison cell in which a close aide to the late actress Jang Ja-yeon is serving a prison term to look for “key” evidence in a resurfacing scandal involving dozens of business and media heavyweights.

Jang Ja-yeon

The aide, surnamed Jeon, 32, was found guilty of rape in 2003 and has been in prison since then. Police will seek a warrant from a court for the search; and determine whether to reinvestigate the case after examining the original letters Jang allegedly sent to the aide.

Public pressure to reopen the case came after an SBS TV report based on 230 letters Jang allegedly sent to the jailed aide between 2005 and just days before her death in March 2009.

In the letters, Jang described the ordeal she endured as a rookie actress in detail, mentioning 31 prominent people whom she was forced to entertain and provide sexual services for.

Jang, 27, hanged herself on March 7, 2009 at her home in the Bundang district of Seongnam, Gyeonggi province, leaving a suicide note indicating that she had suffered severe mental distress stemmed from being forced to “serve” dozens of high-profile figures.

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Ann Bodkin, a woman who took cover under her desk when the 6.3-magnitude quake struck Christchurch on Tuesday, was rescued from earthquake ruins Wednesday, raising hope as rescuers frantically searched for survivors. Bodkin had been trapped in her office building for 24 hours.

Applause broke out from the rescue workers as Bodkin was pulled alive from the rubble of the Pyne Gould Corp. building in the central business district. She was one of around 30 people rescued Wednesday from buildings on the two blocks most severely damaged in the quake. It is estimated that at least 22 people were still trapped in Pyne Gould building.

Rescue workers search for victims on the collapsed Pyne Gould Guinness building.

A woman is pulled from the rubble

“The sun came out the moment she was removed from the building,” said Mayor Bob Parker of Christchurch. “It was like God turned on the lights.”

Ann Voss, who spoke to the media from her mobile phone beneath the rubble, has also been rescued.

“A couple of hours ago, I thought I’d had it,” Voss told New Zealand network TV3 Tuesday. “I thought it was ‘goodbye Ann’.”

“I’ve managed to wiggle out a bit because I couldn’t breathe. Now I’ve got a wee bit of air here. I rang my kids to say goodbye.”

My daughter was crying and I was crying because I thought ‘this is it’. You’ve got to tell them you love them.”

She said she was unaware of what was happening and that she was waiting to be rescued.

“I’m not going to give up — I’ve got here now you get me out,” she said.

Rescue workers have abandoned hope of finding anyone alive in the collapsed Canterbury Television (CTV) building in the city centre, saying the damage to the structure was “not survivable.” It is believed that up to 100 people, including foreign students at a third-floor language school and TV station staff , were inside the building when the quake hit.

The collapsed CTV building

Prime Minister John Key said that hundreds are still missing, including 10 Japanese students and teachers believed to be trapped at a local college. The Japanese group, which was visiting the city, was having lunch when the earthquake struck.

Buildings toppled onto buses and buckled streets and the facades of iconic churches were ripped, including the Christchurch Cathedral and the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament.

A damaged cathedral after an earthquake in central Christchurch.

Seventy-five people have been confirmed dead, but that toll was expected to rise with more than 300 people missing in the country’s second-biggest city, including about 100 in the CTV building, police said.

Much of the city remained without power and water, and hundreds of people queued for water supplies brought in.

A national state of emergency has been declared. It is the country’s worst natural disaster since a 1931 quake in the North Island city of Napier which killed 256 and it is estimated that the damage could cost $12 billion.

Power was cut off for most of the city, resulting in rescuers working overnight under floodlights. Rescue teams had to perform amputations to free some of the 120 survivors pulled from the wreckage of the tremor, which was the second strong quake to hit the historic tourist city in five months.

“This is just heartbreaking,” Key said. “This may be New Zealand’s darkest day.”

Rescue workers search for survivors in a collapsed building