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China’s Got Talent Pan Yuelin

May 21, 2011
Pan Yuelin micmicking Gong Linna while singing Tan Te

Pan Yuelin, a six-year-old girl from Jilin Province in China, gave a stunning rendition of the song Tan Te at the “China’s Got Talent” show.

Pan impressed the judges when she answered their questions fluently.

She said her father was at work and thus could not accompany her to the show.

“Is he making money for you to enter the competition?” asked Annie Yi, one of the three judges.

“No, he earns to pay the school fees,” she said.

Pan then began to sing Tan Te (Disturbed), a famous song without lyrics by Gong Linna, mimicking Gong’s expression that made everyone go hysterics.

Pan Yuelin micmicking Gong Linna while singing Tan Te

The audience shouted ”Yes, Yes, Yes” in support of Pan but she was sent off with two “Nos” by Zhou Libo and Annie.

When Pan realised that she had been sent off, she broke into tears and tried hard to control her emotions while waving goodbye to the viewers.

Tan Te, is written by Gong's husband a German songwriter.

The song spread like wild fire all over China, as well as other countries, after a clip of Gong performing the song was uploaded onto the Internet late last year.

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    she is talented entertainer. cute & lovely

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