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Clickbank Affiliate Commission

January 24, 2010

A couple of days ago, I received my first Clickbank affiliate commission cheque. Though this is a small $90.33 ( USD) cheque, I am happy as this shows that affiliate marketing does work. I have not put any effort into my affiliate marketing so this cheque may be the catalyst for me to take affiliate marketing a little more seriously.


About half a year ago, I received my first ever affiliate commission payment from a program that I wrote about in one of my blog post. That was a bigger cheque amounting to over $300.

Affiliate marketing looks easy but it isn’t that easy in practice. There are so many things to learn that one often becomes overwhelmed by the avalanche of information. We get bombarded by offers from all sorts of so-called internet marketing gurus that it is often difficult to distinguish the fake gurus from the real gurus. All these gurus are trying to pitch their programs to you as the “must have” program to succeed in internet marketing. So you end up buying one program after another and in the process get yourself totally confused by what you should do next. I know because I have been through that.

I think the better way is to seek out a guru who is really successful and then stick to his program with laser-like focus. For me, one of the first guru that immediately pops into my mind is Ewen Chia of Singapore. He is regarded as one of the top affiliate marketer in the world…..indeed he is considered a super affiliate marketer! For the record, he makes a seven-figure income (and in US dollars) annually from internet marketing.

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