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Come In Underwear, Leave Dressed For Free!

January 3, 2011
Come in underwear, leave dressed

Spanish clothing brand Desigual began its winter sales season in a truly original way that made people show up at its store in nothing but their underwear.

Desigual Undie Campaign participants

Would you brave the cold weather and the media exposure for the chance to take part in Spanish clothing brand Desigual’s  “Come in underwear, leave dressed” campaign? Well, thousands of people around the world did just that, spending hours outside Desigual stores, hoping to be among the 100 lucky ones that would enjoy the brand’s offer.

Come in underwear, leave dressed

Desigual Undie Party on 34th Street New York

Desigual Undie Party at its Soho shop in Broadway

Under this “Come in underwear, leave dressed” campaign at selected Desigual stores, Desigual challenged its customers to show up outside its branch stores in underwear, and leave with a free full outfit. Unfortunately, only the first 100 people over 18 years got to enjoy this ridiculous sale.

Desigual undie party - The lucky ones who made it inside the store

Some people actually showed up outside the stores at 3 pm the previous day, to make sure they are among the chosen few, but those that didn’t make the cut also had something to be cheerful about. Desigual decided to give them half-price discounts on all the items in the shop.

Desigual undie party ---one of the lucky ones

Desigual stores in Amsterdam, Madrid, Lisboa and New York already held their undies parties. Other cities that would witness these parties this week include Barcelona, San Sebastian and Marbella.

If one of the clothing retailers along Singapore’s Orchard Road were to hold such a campaign, sucess is guaranteed. Why? Because of Singapore’s kiasu attitude! I bet the queue would stretch the whole length of Orchard Road ( or at least a few hundred meters, haha!).

Fancy Parkson holding such a campaign in Malaysia…. I have no doubt that the response would be fantastic, not only from the public but from the government authorities. There will be long queues of people wanting to take part but I am pretty sure there will also be a lot of our government authorities standing by for action, awaiting to arrest those who strip to to their undies in public. For this campaign, I am afraid Malaysia Boleh Tak Boleh!

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