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Connie Luo – The New ‘J-Girl’?

December 22, 2010
Jay Chou with Connie Luo

If Mandopop superstar Jay Chou is dating, he’s not telling. Even when rumoured girlfriend has met his mum

Jay Chou

Recently, Jay Chou was seen dining with new date Connie Luo, his mother Ye Huimei, secondary school chum Ric Chiang and other friends at a Korean restaurant around eight at night.

Jay Chou with Connie Luo

Since this is Jay Chou we’re talking about, any woman nearby him other than his mom automatically becomes newsworthy. The usually cautious President Chou rarely sits beside any female in public places. After their photos made headlines, Luo’s name quickly rose to the front page of Yahoo! Kimo search

There seemed to be intimacy between Jay and Connie as they sat beside each other. The atmosphere during dinner was cordial as the group talked and laughed. It was as if Jay was introducing his girlfriend to his mother and friends.

After dinner, Jay left with his face covered up by a mask. Connie, like the perfect daughter-in-law, walked arm-in-arm with Jay’s mother, leading to more speculation.

While Jay has many rumoured girlfriends, Connie is the first ‘J-Girl’ to be seen linking arms intimately with his mother, suggesting that she shares a better relationship with the elder woman as compared to Jay’s ex-flames Jolin Tsai and Patty Hou.

Is there any chance of a relationship developing between them

“What’s there to develop? She’s my mum’s goddaughter!” said the pop star agitatedly when confronted.

When he was asked if Connie spoke fluent English, Jay angrily asked if the reporter wanted to “interview me in English instead?” before telling him to “stop the nonsense”. The singer then left hurriedly.

Connie Luo is reportedly a Taiwanese model with a 32D bust size. She once shot commercials for Yahoo! Auction and acted in a drama for DaAi TV earlier this year.

Connie Luo

There has been a lot of curiosity as to how Luo came to know Jay Chou. Luo’s manager said she was visiting another model from their agency on the set of one of Jay’s music videos. However, the manager of “PHANTACi”, a clothing store co-owned by Jay Chou, revealed that Luo was an employee instead. He said he would have been the one sitting next to Chou if he hadn’t gotten a cold, and added that there were at least 7 to 8 other staff members present at the dinner.

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