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DAP Trounced SUPP In Sarawak Elections 2011

April 16, 2011
Ling Sie Kiong and Dr Chan shaking hands on nomination day

DAP has created another political tsunami †in the just-concluded Sarawak 2011 election, winning 12 of the 15 constituencies that it contested in.† It won almost all the seats in the major urban areas where Chinese make up the bulk of the population.

In Miriís Piasau constituency, SUPP boss Dr George Chan lost by 1,590 votes to political greenhorn Ling Sie Kiong of DAP. Ling, a lawyer by profession, has now been dubbed the giant killer.

Ling Sie Kiong and Dr Chan shaking hands on nomination day

Giant killer Ling Sie Kiong

In contrast, PKR was only able to win in 3 constituencies out of the 49 constituencies that it contested in. An independent, George Lagong, won the Pelagus seat against PRSí Stanley Nyitar and PKRís Edward Sumbang.

Though Pakatan Rakyat failed to deny BN two-third majority, it has managed to double its haul compared to the 2006 elections.

This election has been the fiercest election ever in Sarawak, with West Malaysian leaders from both sides of the political divide campaigning aggressively for the past two weeks. And many also dubbed this the dirtiest Sarawak election ever, with widespread accusations of money politics. And† a number of pro-opposition websites like SarawakReport.org and Malaysiakini.com were victims of massive DOS attacks.

The massive crowds at DAP ceramahs really translated into votes this time round. And DAPís hornbill mascot UBAH has become a hot item in Sarawak, selling out at all the ceramahs.

The Ubah mascot

Yes, UBAH has demonstrated loud and clear its power. Sarawak politics will never be the same again!

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