She is dubbed “the most beautiful boss” in Changshu City in eastern Jiangsu Province because of her beauty. And she used her charms to borrow about 500 million yuan from private lenders and 100 million from banks and companies by promising high returns at an annual interest rate of around 40 percent.

Her real name is Gu Chunfang. And now this most beautiful boss has gone missing, leaving her creditors in the lurch.

Gu Chunfang - the most beautiful boss

Claims are circulating that her debts could amount to around a billion yuan.

“Gu had told victims she would use the money to register companies, invest in projects and make loans,” a private lender calling himself “Y” said on the city’s online bulletin board.

Gu’s Suzhou Kaiwailong Trading Limited Co was involved in businesses including cement, metals, lubricants, chemical fibers, daily commodities, fabrics and hardware. She also operated a clothing shop and a high-end manicure store that closed following her disappearance.

Gu, 40, was born in Changshu and is a divorcee. She failed to graduate from junior high school, but she became popular in business circles and with officialdom because of her beauty.

Before she embarked on her business, she was a cosmetic saleswoman and a model for a clothing company and lead actress for a firm that made publicity films for the city.

A friend of Gu and director of a local company, who asked to remain anonymous, told China Daily that the mining business Gu had invested in required a lot of money.

“She borrowed money from friends in the city, first at an interest rate of 10 to 20 percent and later at a higher rate, because she had to borrow more to pay the excessive interest,” he said.

He said the local head of a real estate company who loaned Gu 180 million yuan had committed suicide.


An amazing footage of a 1-year-old youngster playing a full drum kit has captured the hearts of  a lot of people.

The toddler in action

The YouTube video, entitled ’1 year old plays the drums like it’s nothing’, shows the boy playing along to a guitar track while sitting on a little plastic stool.

The amazing display ends with the toddler grimacing at the camera as he gives the drums a final bash.

Enjoy the video.

YouTube Preview Image