A fishmonger at  Queen's Market in East London in UK has shot to fame with his “One Pound Fish” jingle.

An amateur video featuring Muhammed Shahid Nazir, aka the "One Pound Fish Man", has propelled the little-known fish seller into fame beyond his wildest dreams. The two-minute video, showing him peddling his fish at Queen's Market through a silly sing-along to anyone who would listen, has gone viral with almost 5 millions views since it was uploaded to YouTube on April 1, 2012 (yes, on April's Fool Day!).

"Have-a, have-a look, one pound fish. Very, very good, very, very cheap, one pound fish," goes the song.

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The 31-year-old shot to even more nationwide attention after failing to make the cut on Britain's reality music show, X Factor UK. However, he has since been signed on by Warner Music Group, releasing his first single aptly titled "One Pound Fish" in time for Christmas.

The video of the song, which has already hit 3 million views since it was uploaded on December 10, shows him singing the same song but in all its full glitz and glamour.

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Programa Silvio Santos (The Silvio Santos Program), the Brazilian television show responsible for the girl ghost in the elevator prank, has created a spookier and more macabre sequel that has scared the living daylights out of its victims. The video uploaded to YouTube on December 2 has gone seriously viral, garnering more than 7 million views in less than a week.

In their latest stunt, three men are shown loading a coffin into a lift. But as two of them return with a large wreath the lift doors slide shut and the horrified occupants are trapped inside with the coffin. The lights flicker as the power goes out and then the coffin lid springs open, revealing the “corpse” of a small elderly man that comes to life in a terrifying fashion.

Watch the video to see the responses of the victims:

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You are stuck in a lift when the light suddenly flickers off. When the light comes on again, you see a creepy little child with a pale face and scraggly hair, dressed like the ghost girl from The Ring and holding a doll. How would you react?

Some Brazilians found out the terrifying way when they fall victims to a TV pegadinha (prank) carried out by Programa Silvio Santos (The Silvio Santos Program), a prank which has now been described as the most terrifying TV prank ever.

The video of the prank uploaded to YouTube on November 26 has gone viral with about 50 million views on YouTube alone.

In the video the adults who are set up are seen arriving in reception and are shown to a lift. They think they are traveling up- although the lift is actually still – until it suddenly halts and the lights go out. Under the cover of darkness a little child, dressed like the ghost girl from The Ring, emerges from a trap door at the side and when the lights return they are greeted by her. Sometimes she stands still and simply screams in their face.

Reactions of the victims include screaming in terror, jumping in the air, cowering in the corner and jamming the emergency button. One man is so scared he throws his hands over his face in shock and then proceeds to run out the lift when the doors open as the little girl chases him along.

I wonder whether the pranksters have ever considered the safety of the girl who acted as the ghost. She could have been punched by some of the victims. And if some of the victims have weak heart, they could have drop dead from seizures and heart attacks.

I dare you to watch the video now:

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