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Exotic Dubai….Oops! Dabai

November 26, 2009
Softened dabai shaken with soy sauce and sugar....yummilicious!

Buah dabai is native to Sarawak and Brunei. The skin of the oblong-shape fruits are white in colour when immature, turning blue-black when ripe. The flesh inside is white or yellow and covers a single large three angled seed. The skin is edible but some people don’t like to eat the skin so they just suck out the flesh and throw away the skin. It is good to eat the skin as it contains fibres. But don’t be alarmed if you happen to see black traces in your faeces……they are the skin of the dabai, haha!

The fruits cannot be eaten straight from the trees. They have to be soaked in hot water (about 55 degree Celcius) until they soften (Never use boiling hot water as that would make the fruits taste weird). Then either sprinkled with a little salt or soy sauce plus sugar and shake lightly.

Softened dabai shaken with soy sauce and sugar....yummilicious! The inside of a dabai Dabai seeds

The kernel or nut inside the seed is also edible. You need a chopper to hack the seed into half and then just use a toothpick to pry out the kernel. Be careful when you are hacking the seeds…they may fly off like missiles! If these “missiles” hit someone’s eye or a glass window, it can cause damages, so be warned!

Two dabai seeds chopped into halves The kernel inside the seed

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  • Reply gavin July 6, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    hi there,

    i’m from semenanjung, i got frens who looking for dabai seed(only) to export, do you anyone that i can contact? heard there 2 types of dabai, the one u shown hav thinner nut-case, the other type have thicker, me not sure either.

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