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Feisty Princess Charmaine

July 2, 2009
Feisty Orincess Charmaine

This heartbreaking plight of 4-year old Charmaine Lim was brought to my attention by my wife who suggested that I do a blog post on this little girl. After reading her story on Karen Cheng’ s blog ( , I feel so sad and I really hope I can do something for her. I know a lot of people have the attitude that they cannot do much but at least we should try!

This is the story of Charmaine Lim, a four year old in Singapore, who has just had her birthday. She has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare type of cancer and is slowly dying UNLESS we can help raise enough money for her to go the USA for treatment as soon as possible. Right now she is doing her 5th chemo. This has bought her some time, but the cancer has already spread beyond her abdomen. She is currently in the 4th stage and fighting hard. We are greatly saddened that such a sweet and cheerful little girl has to undergo so much pain and suffering at such a young age.

Feisty Orincess Charmaine

Feisty Princess Charmaine

Charmaine’s chance at survival will be improved to 50/50 with a treatment only available in  USA. However the cost for the treatment is over USD350,000.

This is a terrible ordeal for Charmaine’s family. Her mother Cynthia is a single parent who has already given up her job to care for Charmaine. They do not have any medical insurance to cover this.

You can read the heartbreaking appeal by Charmaine’s mum Cynthia Lim here.

Charmaine’s family are fighting for the life of Charmaine.  Lots of people have already given their time and money to help. But there is still a long way to go.

It will be so tragic if Charmaine dies, but it will be much, much more tragic if she dies without having had this 50/50 chance of survival if she were to go to USA for treatment. I urge you all to help, on matter how small your donation may be. Just reach out and touch Charmaine’s life!

I have put up an exquisite beaded basket for auction on eBay. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to Charmaine Lim. You can view the auction here.

You can donate here .

And you can read all about Feisty Charmaine’s fight here.

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