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Freak Accident in Senadin

May 23, 2009

I was sending my son Les to Curtin University yesterday afternoon when we saw a fuel or chemical tanker lying on its side right at the roundabout near the Senadin shophouses. There were a lot of vehicles parked near the roundabout and I had to weave my way carefully past the vehicles and the tanker.


After dropping Les off, I parked my car next to one of the shops in Senadin to take a look at the unusual accident and also to have my lunch at a coffeeshop next to the roundabout. As I approached the tanker, I took a photo of it and a man who saw me taking the photo shouted at me to stop taking photos and told me to delete the photos that I had taken. I ignored him and just stood there watching a group of men attaching winches to the tanker. The men worked at it for a couple of hours with the help of a large crane and two smaller cranes. They dislodged the big fuel tank from the vehicle and then the cranes were used to hoist the vehicle on to a trailer. It was interesting to watch how these men managed to get the work done.

There was a fire engine and firemen on standby in case of fire or spills. Fortunately their services were not required.

Fire fighters and a fire engine on standby.

Firemen and a fire engine on standby.








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