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December 22, 2010
Sega releases 'toilet games'

Hi guys, you can have fun while peeing in the toilets. And I don’t mean shaking hands with your wife’s best friend (aka wrestling the one-eyed trouser snake or giving yourself a low five or cranking the love pump or blowing out the brains of Charles the bald…I hope you get the drift).

You can really count on the Japanese to come up with ridiculous games. SEGA has developed an arcade game designed to make pissing fun. Yes, you read me correctly. Video game fans can really look forward to having a fun time while peeing in the toilet.

Sega has released a series of four ‘toilet games’, but for men only.

Sega releases 'toilet games'...a mannequin showing how the game is played.

Dubbed “Toirettsu,” the game’s title is a word play on “toy”, “let’s” and “toilets”. As the Sega Toys website points out, “You’re able to game with pee!” The contraption is outfitted with mini-games, and there is a sensor that can apparently measure the speed of one’s urine stream. Some of the mini-games include measuring the strength of the player’s pee spray and the volume of pee a player produced, erasing graffiti with a hose, blowing up a stimulated woman character’s skirt and shooting milk out of the stimulated character’s nose to compete with the previous user. Players only have to pee directly to the sensor fixed on the urinals.

The games’ graphics are displayed on a 31-cm LCD screen on the wall in front.

For now, the games are only available the four Club Sega arcades in Japan.

To watch how a game is played, watch the YouTube video below.

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