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Game Over For Natalie Glebova And Paradorn Srichaphan

February 26, 2011
Thai tennis star Paradorn Srichaphan and 2005 Miss Universe Natalie Glebova duiring their wedding in 2007

The game of marriage is over for former Thai tennis star Paradorn Srichaphan and 2005 Miss Universe Natalie Glebova who have separated after three years of marriage.

Thai tennis star Paradorn Srichaphan and 2005 Miss Universe Natalie Glebova duiring their wedding in 2007

The couple said in a statement Thursday that they decided to split last July because work commitments had kept them apart but most people suspect that this is not the real reason for their separation.

“Over the past few years, responsibilities and work turned our married life in a different direction. However, we still care for each other and we are still good friends,” the couple said in the statement issued by their publicists.

As the former No. 9-ranked tennis player and former Miss Universe have together launched beauty products, diet supplements and a Bangkok restaurant, they said in the statement they plan to continue with their business.

Natalie Glebova crowned as Miss Universe 2005

The very first time the public saw the two together was in 2006 when Glebova kissed Paradorn as a reward for beating Tim Henman in the quarter-finals of the Thailand Open, which she attended as Singha’s brand ambassador. They quickly became one of Bangkok’s most recognizable celebrity couples and were married in September 2007, the year that Paradorn’s tennis career ended due to a wrist injury.

An inside source confirmed yesterday that the couple, whose separation was officially announced by their publicist on Thursday, would appear in a prerecorded episode of the “Tee Sip” (Attend) programme, which will be aired by Channel 3 on Tuesday at 10pm.

Paradorn’s father and former coach, Chanachai Srichaphan said the couple would continue to share the same house but no longer as husband and wife and that they had split up because of irreconcilable differences, adding that they had got together far too quickly for things to last.

“They had not dated long enough before getting married. However, it was all up to him. The decision was all his own,” Chanachai said.

“I don’t find the news worrying, I’ve been prepared for this,” the father added, dismissing reports that his son’s flirtations were the root of all problems.

“The media just stirred rumours, and Natalie would get upset when she read the reports. Every man is flirtatious by nature, and because my son is famous, people like flocking to him. But I don’t think that was the reason,” Chanachai insisted.

Paradorn’s brother Thanakorn said the couple had tried to sort things out but it was in vain. They just could not get along.

Their breakup has not come as a surprise to many, because rumours abound about how fragile their marriage was to start with. The two kept brushing aside the gossip, but were rarely seen in social events together recently.

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