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Geda The King of Prophets – Reincarnation Of Paul The Octopus?

November 12, 2016
Geda the simian seer

Paul the Octopus has been reincarnated as a monkey in China.

The 5-year old monkey, known as Geda and living at Shiyanhu Ecological Tourism Park in China, has proven that his successful prediction of Portugal winning the 2016 European Championship in July this year was no flash in the pan. The prophetic primate has successfully predicted that Donald Trump would win the US presidency, putting to shame all those US presidential election polls and surveys carried out by news outlets and research companies

On November 3, 2016, the simian seer, wearing a yellow shirt emblazoned with his title “King of prophets”, had to pick between life-sized cut-outs of Trump and Hillary Clinton at a park in Changsha . He monkey kissed the cardboard cut-out of Donald Trump during a selection intended to predict the result of the US election.

Geda the simian seer

Geda the simian seer

Hey, I think that Mr Trump should adopt Geda and make him his official mascot! And Trump’s motto should be “In Geda I Trust’!

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