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June 24, 2009

I found this great site that is totally FREE and you actually MAKE MONEY while zipping round the Internet.

It looks very cool indeed!

Really simple sign up process!

Grab your own referral link!

Refer as many people as possible to YOUR link once you have signed up. This is one easy way to make money online without having to fork out any of your own money. Forget all those so-called internet “gurus” who are trying to sell you pricey packages or products. Check out the potential income with the Income Calculator at the site!

Start earning pots of cash.


Absolutely FREE. The Bar is a unique toolbar that lets you make money wherever, whenever you choose. The difference between the Bar and other toolbars… MONEY. The Bar is a private communication channel between members and advertisers through the Ads by ER Exchange. Members remain completely anonymous and their personal ID is never shared.

The process is simple. Visit a web page, click the ER icon to display ads, interact with ads that interest you and make money. That’s it. The Bar provides ‘advertising on demand’. The world’s most exact advertising is the most cost effective for advertisers and the most beneficial for internet users.

Once again, GO GET YOUR BAR NOW:

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