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Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever!

May 19, 2011
Matt buys a bucket of popcorn before taking a deep breath and entering the screening room where Ginny is.

This is the most romantic and dramatic marriage proposals I have ever seen.  The video of a carefully planned marriage proposal by Matt Still involving a Hollywood-style movie trailer, popcorn and an entire movie theater has gone viral on YouTube, attracting almost 3 million views since it was uploaded 3 days ago on Monday.

Matt, of Atlanta, USA, had hired wedding photographer Michael Escobar to create the action-packed clip titled “Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever!” for his girlfriend Ginny Joiner.

Matt begins his elaborate proposal to Ginny by getting her brother to take her to the movie theater supposedly to watch Fast Five. After the trailer for “The Hangover 2” has been shown, Matt’s  trailer appears on the screen.

Ginny wasn’t aware that her reaction to the upcoming trailer was being secretly filmed.

‘This better be good’ she mouthed to her brother before Matt’s trailer began.

Giiny begins to suspect that her boyfriend Matt is on the screen and her astonished reaction can be seen via a separate camera embedded in the YouTube trailer.

The trailer begins with a deep voiceover proclaiming: ‘A love story so true it couldn’t have been written.’

The camera then pans to a conversation between two men, but only their bottom halves can be seen.

The faces of Matt and Ginny's father are not revealed when the tralier starts.

‘There comes a time when every father lets his little girl go to another man who loves her as much as he does,’ says the deep voice.

‘I want to spend the rest of my life with her. She has my heart, she is my friend, my everything. ‘She is nothing like any woman I’ve ever met before. She’s everything I’ve wanted and more.

‘I didn’t even know what real love is, but she is showing me and teaching me every day.’

Matt then asks Ginny’s father for permission to pop the question in a Godfather-style scene that doesn’t reveal either of their faces and Ginny’s name is not used, leaving Ginny momentarily unaware of what is going on.

Ginny’s father accepts Matt’s request and the two shake hands before the camera pans up to reveal her father’s face in focus.

The camera pans up to reveal Ginny's father who is now embracing Matt

Matt’s trailer continues.

Matt then runs out of Ginny’s house and jumps into his car before speeding off to the movie theater. At the cinema, he pauses at the counter to buy a bucket of popcorn before taking a deep breath and going into the screening room in dramatic slow-motion footage to find Ginny.

Matt buys a bucket of popcorn before taking a deep breath and entering the screening room where Ginny is.

Ginny turns around in her seat to find Matt actually entering the theatre behind her, engagement ring in hand.

The camera switches to a camcorder as Matt gets down on one knee and pops the question.

Matt asks her to marry him, she says yes, an audience member says bravo, before the cinema erupts with applause and whoops.

Giiny says yes, an audience member says ‘bravo,’  and the cinema erupts with applause and whoops.

The house lights come on, and Ginny can see the theater is actually full of her family and friends.

You must be wondering why the trailer is titled “Making The Movies Jealous”. On their second date Matt said they were going to be making the movies jealous. Oh yes,Matt really makes lots of girls jealous too.

On their second date Matt had told Ginny they'd be making the movies jealous...he made every girl in the movie theatre jealous too

See back now and enjoy this amazing marriage proposal on YouTube.

But Matt, I am sorry to let you know that this is not the first proposal of its kind however. Todd Cavanaugh asked former Miss New York, Elisabeth Baldanza, to marry him in a dramatic movie trailer while the couple were at the theatre together. Watch that trailer now.

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