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Greyson Michael Chance

May 14, 2010
Greyson Chance with Ellen on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"

A 12-year old boy’s sixth grade festival performance has become so blistering viral that it has achieved almost 10 million YouTube views in just a fortnight.  Meet Greyson Michael Chance.

Greyson performed Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” for his school’s sixth grade festival and posted his performance on YouTube. The blogosphere went wild and Greyson became an instant sensation.

Greyson’s family got a call from Ellen DeGeneres who flew them out to Los Angeles for a spot on her show. DeGeneres set up the surprise by asking Greyson why he admires Gaga. “She’s probably my No. 1 inspiration because I love how she’s so different,” Greyson said. “She takes her individuality, and she takes the amazing talent that she has and she makes just great songs that are catchy and they make you want to dance and maybe throw out some Ellen moves.”

“Well, we have somebody on the line right now,” Ellen said. “Hi, Greyson!” Gaga exclaimed, as Greyson took in the surprise. “Hi, Miss Gaga!” he replied. Gaga offered a few words of advice for the 12-year-old: “Everyone loves you so much, so keep following your dreams and work really hard, and stay away from girls, and be focused.”

“Don’t be nervous today,” she added. “You already won over everybody’s hearts

Greyson Chance with Ellen on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"

Pop Sensation Lady Gaga

On his YouTube profile, Greyson posts that “Lady Gaga is a freak but she has so much talent and her style of music is what I would like mine to be when I grow older.” He has also posted his performances of “Stars” and “Broken Hearts” on YouTube. “Broken Hearts” is one of his original songs. The young prodigy plays the piano like a young maestro and is inspired by the band Augustana.

Greyson can be found on YouTube under the profile name “greyson97”. He joined YouTube in April 2010 and was ranked as #1 for the most subscribed-to member for the month on YouTube.

What makes Greyson Chance stand out from the crowd is his emotion as he performs. He appears to “feel” the music. He performs songs that would typically be more appropriate for someone much older. This is definitely a soon-to-be megastar. Remember his name again….Greyson Michael Chance. You will be hearing a lot about him in the coming months!

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