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Happy Birthday Son

October 25, 2009
Happy Birthday Son!

Today is the birthday of my son Leslie. He was born at about 11.45 pm on October 25 1987. Had he been born say 16 minutes later, he would have shared the same birthday as my wife.

It was a real pleasure watching him grow into the fine young man that he is now. He finished his Bachelor of Commerce in June this year and after enjoying a couple of months’ rest, he started working in an audit & tax consultancy firm on the first of this month.

Happy Birthday Son!

Happy Birthday Son!

To our delightful son
That we love and adore

We would like to just
Say a few words
To celebrate this special day

Twenty two years have gone by
Since you were born

With each passing year
We have watched
You play and grow

From a tiny little boy
Into a great young man

Now at the age of twenty two
You have grown so much wiser
And even more smarter

Though you have grown so tall
You have not outgrown your trademark smiles

We hope this special day
Brings you great blessings
Peace and joy

You make us proud
For the accomplishments
You have achieved
Over these past years

That is why we can say
We love you
With all our heart
Happy Birthday Son

From: Mum & Dad

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