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Happy Birthday Son

October 22, 2009
Happy Birthday Son!

Today is the birthday of my son Clarence. Happy birthday son! It is good to have you home on your birthday. Shoot for the stars and may all your dreams come true. It has been such a pleasure watching you growing up.

Happy Birthday Son!

Happy Birthday Son!

You have always been so special

in all the things you have done.

We are so proud of you simply

because you are our son.

From the moment of your birth

You’ve been the treasure of our hearts.

It is always so easy to feel nostalgic about the little boy you used to be.

And it is even easier to feel proud of what you have become.

You’re a son to be proud of.

You outgrew our laps, but never our hearts.

God bless you my dearest

On your special day.

And we give you our hearts of love on your birthday.

With lots of love,

Mum & Dad

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