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Hey Men, This Is For You!

November 25, 2010
Man bra

Last night when I was doing research online for my blog post “Wacky Japanese Bras”, I came across this product that really made my day. I laughed so much that I won’t blame you if you think I have gone bonkers.

What caused my laughing hysteria is a Japanese ‘invention.’ It is a man bra. Yes, you read correctly….I said a man bra…..a bra for men complete with straps and the whole works.

It seems that Japanese men are getting in touch with their feminine side thanks to a new trend in male lingerie pioneered by an online lingerie store known as WishRoom. They are hitching up their man boobs (moobs), finding out their cup sizes (and I am not referring to their cappuccino cups), and getting into male bras.

Man bra...hahaha!

Akiko is the woman behind this underwear revolution, selling the bras online from her Tokyo shop WishRoom. Most of this bra’s customers are “salary men”, office employees in the 30s and 40s. Japanese salaried men live a stressful life and the man bras seem to provide some relief for them.  Men who wear these bras are known as “bra-o” which means “bra man.”

Men's premium brassiere by WishRoom

She said: “I think more and more men are becoming interested in bras.

“Since we launched the men’s bra, we’ve been getting feedback from customers saying like, ‘wow, we’d been waiting for this for such a long time!’

“So I think there is a substantial customer base that was waiting to see this kind of product.”

WishRoom ad

The bras, made from soothing silky material, cost around Ł20 each, come in two sizes (A85cm and A90cm) sizes, and are available in black, white or pink. Feeling virginal? The white bra will have you covered. What about adding a touch of, er, feminity? Go for pink. And to complement any evening wear, black is the way to go. The bra straps are adjustable, look oh-so-comfortable and, above all, offer all the support you and your precious man boobs need.

WishRoom's man bra - pick your color

Akiko provides a couple reasons for her invention, primarily the need that moobs-sporting men have to hitch up their moobies for a smoother look under those power suits. Akiko thinks it will make men “gentler and more caring” once they know what women have to go through.

Am I hearing you hooting with laughter?

No, the men wearing these bras aren’t transvestites–they’re regular guys who’ve discovered that wearing a bra makes them feel secure, and moreover, helps improve their concentration (some overweight men have taken to the garments to combat “man boobs” as well).

Wishroom supervisor Masayuki Tsuchiya said, “They’re not interested in cross-dressing; they just find wearing a bra relaxes them.”

While rumors are that sales are way up, it’s still doubtful that the items will go mainstream anytime soon. While the use of cosmetics and styling products has been embraced by a significant portion of younger Japanese men, wearing a bra just does not seem macho. In fact a man seen wearing a bra will end up being branded as having a fetish for bras or a sexual pervert.

The bra costs 2800 Yen (AUD$45) so what are you waiting for? Get your boyfriend, husband, dad or grandfather what he REALLY wants for Christmas. Ho ho ho!

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