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Hey Papa, Can I Ask You Something?

December 16, 2009

A father and his young son were out walking one afternoon when the youngster asked how the electricity went through the wires stretched between the telephone poles.


“Don’t know,” said the father. “Never knew much about electricity.”

After a while the boy asked what caused lightning and thunder.

“To tell you the truth,” said the father, “I never understood that myself.”

The boy continued to ask questions throughout the walk, none of which the father could explain. Finally, as they were approaching their home, the boy said,”Pa, I hope you don’t mind my asking so many questions…..”

“Of course not,” replied the father. “How else are you going to learn?”

Sooner or later, of course, the boy will stop asking his father questions, and that will be most unfortunate. Curiosity and the desire to learn should be encouraged and nurtured.

Parents who want their children to do well in school but who don’t respect learning are deluding themselves. Not many children will be motivated to do it on their own.

The father in the above story should have told his son that he does not know but he will find out the answers. That way his son will be greatly encouraged especially if the father search for the answers together with his son. This will create a strong bond between them.

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