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History Supreme – The World’s Most Expensive Yacht

July 21, 2011
History Supreme

If the story about this yacht built for a mystery Malaysian businessman for a stunning 3 billion ($4.8 billion) is true, it will truly be the epitome of Malaysia Boleh.

Tongues have been wagging as to the identity of this mysterious Malaysian. Is he Robert Kuok, the richest man in Malaysia? Or Ananda Krishnan, the second richest Malaysian? However it is highly unlikely to be either of them as they are both shrewd businessmen who wont splash such a substantial portion of their wealth on a single toy.

Hmmmthat would mean this mystery man could be a politician. Who can it be? I really dont know. Try asking the Sarawakians.

The yacht, named History Supreme or Baia 100 Supreme, is the creation of renowned luxury goods designer Stuart Hughes. Stuart is the creator of the famous 5million diamond-wrapped iPhone.

The cost of the 100 feet long History Supreme even eclipses that of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich’s swanky 533 feet yacht Eclipse (cost 750million) which is the world’s biggest private yacht.

Roman Abramovich's ECLIPSE (Photo image by ship and yacht photographer Klaus Kehrls)

History Supreme is made of 100,000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum and took over three years to be completed. It has a deck, dining area, rails, anchor, all crafted from precious metals. The base of the vessel is wrapped with solid gold, while the main sleeping quarter sports platinum accents with walls set in meteoric stone, that boasts of a genuine Tyrannosaurus Rex bone shaved in from the raptor T REX.

History Supreme

Plush bedroom on History Supreme

Luxury dining room with surround views

Stunning gold and platinum-covered deck of History Supreme

Stuart Hughes said: “I was commissioned for the “History Supreme” project by an anonymous Malaysian business man who wanted something really special.”

“It was probably the most mammoth task I have undertaken so far, there was three years of planning and it was very difficult to get right.”

“The project uses 100,000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum and all features including the deck,” he said.

“It was probably the most mammoth task ever. I’ve covered all sorts of things in gold but this has got to be my most ambitious project yet. This will never be topped.

“The businessman just approached us and asked us whether we could do it. He wanted a plane doing as well, but the thing would never take off if we did.

“So he said, ‘Can you do the yacht?’ and I said, ‘We’ll give it a crack.’ Then it was pretty much a case of can you make this gold, can you make that gold?

“We just did what we were told and are delighted with the result.”

The yacht was built in Italy and completed in Malaysia two weeks ago.

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