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Hot Problems Of Drew Garrett & Lauren Willy Aka Double Take

April 25, 2012
Double Take "Hot Problems"

Drew Garrett and Lauren Willy, two 17-year-old allegedly “hot” girls from Los Angeles, have become an Internet sensation, but for all the wrong reasons. Like other young girls such as Rebecca Black who try to be famous, Drew and Lauren have been subjected to a rage of vicious comments and death threats.

The two girls, calling themselves Double Take, recorded a video of their song entitled “Hot Problems” about all the troubles attractive people face. The video features the two moderately attractive teenage girls singing (and that’s putting it very politely) about the everyday problems they encounter as a result of their attractiveness and how perfect they are.

Double Take "Hot Problems"

These “hot” girls’ problems are now everyone’s problems as the video has gone viral, garnering almost 8 million views and 400,000 dislikes since it was uploaded on YouTube on April 15.

“It was all just for fun and to just have something we could share with our friends,” Drew said. “Well, we enjoy writing funny lyrics and songs and we decided that we really liked this one. So we decided to make it into a song and video, eventually. We really had no intentions when we put this up to begin with, so seeing it take so rapidly, we haven’t really had a chance to decide what we want to do. I think that hopefully there could be a future with it.”

The overnight rise to online fame has been surprising to the pair. Drew noted, “It was shocking. It hasn’t really sunken in for any of us. The first day it was a joke around the school and then the next day we had friends of friends contacting us.”

The hit is being dubbed the worst song of 2012, if not of all time, according to ABC News, beating out Rebecca Black’s “Friday” for the most wretchedly awkward teen pop video on the Internet. Rebecca Black’s quasi-hit was actually catchy and fun to listen to.

“The Video That Destroyed my Faith in Humanity,” headline’s The Next Web’s post.

You kind of feel bad for the two girls when you read the comments on the video. But after you listen to the song, you will probably be compelled to write a scathing comment to add to the thousands.

Sit back now and “enjoy” Double Take’s “Hot Problems.”

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