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I Am Not A Human Being

September 28, 2010

Being incarcerated has not put a damper on American rapper Lil Wayne’s media onslaught. He has been dropping mixtape and guesting on tracks to the point where he’s almost not missed. He has released just as many music videos, freestyles and guest features during his stint in Ryker’s Island as he ever has.

His manager Cortez Bryant compiled “I Am Not A Human Being”, an album of all new material released digitally yesterday on Wayne’s birthday. This is the eighth studio album by Lil Wayne. The physical version of the album will be released on October 12, 2010 with 2 additional tracks. This is the fifth album of Lil Wayne recording outside of Tha Carter series of albums.


The “I Am Not A Human Being” mixtape aims to whet fan’s appetites for Tha Carter 4, Wayne’s next studio album, much in the way 2007’s The Leak preceded Tha Carter 3. “I Am Not A Human Being” marks Wayne’s return to traditional rap following the rap-rock “Rebirth” fiasco.

Released on iTunes yesterday,  “I Am Not A Human Being” has now peaked at number one. Within twelve hours after its release it has already surpassed Eminem’s Recovery, taking over the Hip-Hop/Rap charts to become the number one overall album on iTunes.

The album has got some great reviews and it seems that Wayne’s stint in the jail has not affected his music in the least. Weezy is well on his music grind and his latest album seems to be a family affair of sorts featuring Nicki Minaj, Jay Sean and Drake.

Here is a review of the tracks  gleaned from the Internet:

1. Gonorrhea: The first song of the album features Drake. The beat on the song is mellow and the rhythm is quite good. Drake’s performance is confident and assertive with a run-on flow that fits the track.

2. Hold Up: This song features T-Street. The song adds a brand new dynamics to the album and the beat of the song is quite powerful and bold.

3. With You: This is the sweet side of Weezy, with help from Drake. It is a cutesy love ballad with Drake sticking to crooning on the hook. Wayne actually adheres to a bar structure for a change. The piano and the angelic soul singing sample provide the romantic mood.

4. I Am Not A Human Being: A song from the era when Weezy was walking around with a guitar slung over his shoulder, with 80’s 808’s and guitars and breaks. The song goes hard with lines like “Fuck it…whoever it is.” The breaks bring in tough drums that bang and high powered rock guitars.

5. I’m Single: “I’m Single” slows it down to a crawl, with Weezy proclaiming his prowess with the fairer sex. His rhyme scheme is two line but his narrative is tighter on this and not his normal freestyle ramble.

6. What’s Wrong with Them: Drake, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj collaborate in the song “What’s Wrong with Them” and the song is a treat. This could be Nicki Minaj’s breakout track. Weezy offers free association rhymes that lurch into an impossibly hooky chorus with Nicki sounding as sweet as Rihanna.

Nicki Minaj

7. Right Above It:  This song was designed from the start to be a Drake breakout track, and Lil Wayne shows up for the occasion. This is vintage Weezy–the fireman spitting at his hottest.

8. Popular: One of the commonalities of the songs on this album is an almost disco-esque background, with Wayne being as introspective as he’s ever been. This song is perhaps the best example of it.

9. That Ain’t Me: Weezy’s defiant poem from prison eschews the gaudy displays of his bling bling youth in favor of fantasizing about the simple fun you can indulge in when not locked up behind bars.

10. Bill Gates: In this song, Lil Wayne returns to that Young Money type music. It sticks out as the strongest of the new songs, with the heavy dramatic brass and the pounding keyboards combining with that double snare to take Wayne home in style.

Lil Wayne has another hit album on his hands! With his ability to create one-liners that the world will quote, we are sure that these songs will all become anthems. Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Jay Sean are some of the biggest artists on the scene. With each one bringing a new element to the album, “I Am Not A Human Being” is a well rounded rap release, surprisingly coherent and consistent in quality. It displays all that makes Wayne great. It doesn’t overdo it too much in any one area and that balance combined with the work’s brevity is a perfect prelude to Weezy’s road home. Well done.

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