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In Love We Trust

December 17, 2009
In Love We Trust

I watched the China movie “In Love We Trust” (the mandarin title is Zuo Yu meaning left right) a few days ago. The movie won the Silver Bear for Best Screenplay at the 2008 Berlin International Film Festival.

In Love We Trust

In Love We Trust

The movie is a drama about a young girl who was diagnosed with leukemia that requires a bone marrow transplant or else she would have only a couple more years to live. The girl’s birth parents are divorced and she is staying with her mum and her mum’s new husband who both love her dearly. The girl’s father has remarried an air hostess.The girl’s parents’ bone marrow was found to be not a match and the doctor advised that the girl can only be saved with stem cells from a sibling. So the girl’s natural parents decided to have another baby through artificial insemination. This failed though they tried three times. They wanted to give it a few more attempts but the hospital declined as it was deemed a waste of time. The mother, at her wit’s end, asked the ex-husband to sleep with her to get her pregnant again. The mother’s fierce love for her daughter blinds her to the potential damage she is doing to everyone around her. That is the gist of the story.

The movie is very slow-paced and is quite sad. However I laughed a lot during the course of the movie. You are probably thinking that I am contradicting myself. Laughing a lot watching a sad movie? Am I going bonkers?

I laughed a lot because of the atrocious English subtitles. Quite a lot of the subtitles will have you in stitches. And some of the subtitles had me scratching my head trying to make head or tail out of them.

A sample of the “gems” :

My horse go up (direct translation from the Mandarin words meaning I will go immediately).

I beat to you (direct translation from the Mandarin words meaning I will phone you).

You good you good (nihao nihao).

Do you stir my telephone? ( Did you phone to me?).

Eat point more, the disease likes quickly (The Mandarin words mean eat a little more and the illness will go away faster).

Since today, you can’t cry again, be the kid’s noodle especially ( In essence, the dialogue in Mandarin means from today onwards, don’t cry in front of the kid……the Mandarin word for face can also mean noodles).

Fill this watch ( The Mandarin dialogue means fill this form….the Mandarin word for form can also mean watch).

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  • Reply Josephine December 20, 2009 at 3:37 pm

    Ha! Ha! i watch the ‘ling ling gao’ … the mandarin translation also very funny~!

    YOU DONT TOUCH HIS ‘SWEAT HAIR’ – Ni bu yao dong wo de ‘han mao’ … kekeke!~

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