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Internet Ah Moi

October 27, 2010
sarah lian

The latest MyEG TV infomercial featuring Sarah Lian as the “Internet Ah Moi”  is creating a quite a buzz locally. Sarah plays the role of a kopitiam owner who also doubles as an “Internet Ah Moi” offering services like road tax processing and bankruptcy claims. The infomercial aims to create awareness on the ease of MyEG that offers online government transaction services.

Sarah took pain to brush up on her “Ah Lian accent” for her role.

“My brief was to play an “Ah Moi from Klang!” I just took that brief and had fun with it!”

The public has responded well to the localized humour in the infomercial that was shot in Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur.

So who is this Sarah Lian?

Sarah Lian, born May 12, 1983, is a Malaysian Chinese actress and television personality based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She was born in Taiping, Perak Malaysia but mainly grew up in Vancouver, Canada.

A sultry Sarah Lian

Of Chinese heritage; both parents being Malaysian Chinese, Lian is the third of four children in her family. Living in a multilingual country and moving abroad, it is no surprise that she speaks a variety of languages. While proficient in English, Lian also speaks Hokkien, Cantonese, Mandarin, Malay, French and a smattering of Japanese.

Lian is an actor versatile in film, television and theatre. While finishing her degree in Toronto, Lian earned her first credit in the American Pie film franchise, American Pie Presents: Beta House featured as the “Hot Asian Girl”. Her scene did not make the final cut upon the film’s release in December 2007.

The bubbly Sarah

Moving to Hong Kong to pursue acting further, she landed a suporting role in Jasmine, a psychological thriller written and directed by Hollywood screenwriter Dax Phelan.

In 2008, Lian moved to Malaysia and began working closely with Media Prima’s online portal gua.com.my for their event-based show, Randommania.

The program gave Lian the opportunity to interview various personalities from local artiste Maya Karin, Fasha Sandha and Ning Baizura to international musicians such as Shayne Ward, The D.E.Y. and Machi.

Vivacious Sarah Lian  (photo credit to http://www.gua.com.my)

As she became closely associated with GuaTV; this entertainment program escalated Lian as a recognisable face in the media world, also making her known as one of Gua’s Homegrown Hotties!

At the same time, she was also enlisted as the host and writer for NTV7’s informative program NUVO.

Just a few months after coming back to Malaysia, Lian gained fame when she was voted FHM Malaysia’s #1 Most Wanted Woman on their Top 100 list. Since then, she has been visible in a variety of magazines such as Stuff, Clive, Malaysian College, OK!, Hot, Sisters, New Tide and Men’s Health Malaysia.

Sarah has also hosted local reality programs like The Ultimate Prom Nite 2 and Maybelline’s Simply Fabulous.

She is currently co-hosting MyEG Xtra Time on the ESPN channel, with personalities Marion Counter, Lisa Surihani and others. The program talks about entertainment-styled sports gossip.

Lian has managed to leave her imprint on the local celebrity scene. The vivacious and bubbly Lian has established a great reputation as a reliable host for hyping up crowds and commanding their attention with her sultry image and entertaining sense of humour.

So if you think that you’ve seen Sarah Lian, you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

You ain't seen nothing yet!

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