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Is It A Boy Or A Girl For Jay Chou & Hannah Quinlivan?

July 14, 2015
Jay Chou & Hannah Quinlivan

Is it a boy or a girl for Jay Chou & Hannah Quinlivan? The answer is out. It is a girl!

Pop superstar Jay Chou became a dad when his wife, model Hannah Quinlivan, gave birth to a girl. The date of the birth has not been officially confirmed though Chou’s family and friends said the baby had arrived on July 10 by caesarean.

Chou, 36, has been very secretive about the birth and has not disclosed the date and time of his daughter’s birth. In Taiwan and Hongkong, astrologers like to make predictions for celebrity babies. It is rumoured that Chou is trying to avoid such predictions. Such stories got written anyway, and the headline in China Times went: “Cancerian girl will be glued to dad”.

Quinlivan’s agent, who had earlier said the girl was born on July 12, later retracted the date.

The couple wed in England in January. In his most recent post on his Weibo page on July 5, Chou said he and his wife were celebrating their wedding anniversary, thus revealing that they had been legally married since July last year.

Jay Chou & Hannah Quinlivan

Jay Chou & Hannah Quinlivan during their wedding in England

Chou said he had proposed homonyms of his Chinese name for a son or a daughter, but the plan was too weird for his mother, who vetoed it.

According to Chou, seeing the first ultrasound scan of his baby was 10 times more moving than winning a Golden Melody Award and he has made recoding of his daughter’s heartbeat with the intention to make dance music based on it.

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