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July 24, 2011
YouTube sensation Jayesslee Live in Singapore

You can go ahead and say that I am a katak di bawah tempurung (frog living under a coconut shell) but I am not afraid to admit that I only got to know about this group on YouTube when my son posted their ‘Price Tag’ video on Facebook and I instantly fell in love with their heavenly and harmonious voices.


Jayesslee is a pair of 24-year-old twins from Australia by the name of Janice and Sonia. They were born to Korean parents and raised in Sydney, Australia.

The twins during their childhood days

Both have a passion for singing and for them, just knowing that a single person is blessed through their music is enough to keep them going.

They are truly YouTube stars. They are so popular that they are often stopped in the middle of a shopping mall for photos and autographs.

As of 2010 their full-time vocation has been recording, touring and performing. Prior to this, they had part-time jobs where Sonia worked at a juice bar and Janice was scooping ice cream. It got to a point where they didn’t have time or flexibility to commit to everything, so luckily for us, they decided to make music their lives.

They have also dedicated their lives to serve God and were recently in Singapore where they performed at the City Harvest Church. Quite a number of their YouTube videos feature Christian songs such as this one ‘It’s Your Love.’

YouTube sensation Jayesslee Live in Singapore

This is one of their most popular videos on YouTube in which they sing ‘Officially Missing You.”

Of course, it would not be complete if they don’t sing a Korean song. So here is their rendition of the Wonder Girls’ ‘Nobody But You.’

If you want to get to know them better, here are some of their links:




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