Kampua Power

May 17, 2010
DAP's Wong Ho Leng and family savouring kampua mee

Sibu voters have spoken loud and clear. The REAL Kampua Power has successfully launched the Rocket in Sibu!

View of the Rejang River express wharves in Sibu

In the most hotly-contested by-election Sarawak has ever witnessed, DAP trounced the BN despite the immense and seemingly-impossible odds stacked against them. DAP’s Richard Wong Ho Leng has become the new MP for Sibu!

The BN chose Sibu’s signature Foochow kampua mee dish to try to convey its message to protect its five term-held Sibu fort. A huge billboard erected by the SUPP camp at the Brooke roundabout in Sibu shows a picture of the noodle dish with a little caption in Chinese characters that seek to convey the message that kampua mee will not taste the same if its recipe is changed. Vote for BN to retain its orginal flavour.

BN was hoping to instil fear in the Chinese by saying that a vote the DAP is a vote for PAS and a vote for an Islamic state. This means no pork meat in Kampua noodles!

DAP's Richard Wong Ho Leng savouring kampua mee with his family

Sibu’s Chinese voters responded. Oh yes, they responded in anger. They showed the BN that kampua mee is, and always will be, their signature dish…..they know that no one can change that. According to statistics reported in a Chinese daily today, about 70% of the Chinese votes cast went to DAP.

The people of Sibu has shown BN the meaning of people power. The REAL Kampua Power has triumphed!

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