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Kids’ First Kiss Goes Viral

May 12, 2011
The two cute kids

Do you remember how you felt when you had your first kiss? One YouTube video sensation is taking its viewers down memory lane as it shows the innocent first kiss between 5-year-old Elliot and his 6-year-old friend Bowie.

Elliot and Bowie will remember their first kiss forever because the video of their first kiss on YouTube has already garnered more than seven million views on YouTube since it was uploaded on May 4 2011.

Harmony Smith, the 24-year-old mother of Elliot, had no idea that the video would become such a viral hit when she posted it on YouTube last week to share with family and friends.

Smith was taking a video of Elliot and Bowie when they started to talk about giving each other a kiss after Bowie kissed Elliot on the cheek.

Bowie giving Elliot a kiss on his cheek

Elliot says, "You kissed me, I kiss you."

The two playfully go back and forth with Elliot then giving Bowie a kiss on the arm. Elliot goes in for another "arm kiss," and Bowie says, "Let's kiss."

The two then kiss on the lips while Elliot's mother can be heard saying, "Hey, hey, hey … no more."

Elliot then proceeds to hoot and holler crying out, "Woo hoo, we kissed on the lips."

Don’t worry, they are not related. She is literally the “girl next door”. It just so happens that Elliott’s shirt has 'All You Need Is Love' written on it, while Bowie’s middle name is 'Love'. What a coincidence!

Teen sensation Justin Bieber saw the video and tweeted it to his more than nine million followers saying “This kid has game.”

Is this a case of “Too much, too soon, too young” or is it plain cute and adorable?

The two cute kids

The video has given Smith and the two video stars the opportunity to appear on "Good Morning America" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

However, these two sweeties are just being innocent and in the moment.

"I kiss you because I like you," is smug Elliott's reaction.


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