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Larissa Riquelme Enthralls South Korean Men

November 4, 2010
This shot of Larissa Riqelme at 2010 World Cup in South Africa catapulted her to fame

The FIFA World Cup 2010 is already history and even though Spain won it, the biggest winner after this year’s World Cup is definitely be Larissa Riquelme.

Before the World Cup, we  knew nothing about her until she showed her tits to support her native country, Paraguay, at the world cup. She was the muse of Paraguay in the World Cup and her pictures were circulated around the whole world.  She could be seen shouting the goals, with gestures of distress and jumping, in both good and bad situations for her home country.

Larissa Riquelme shouting at the 2010 World Cup

Larissa Riquelme celebrating with joy at the World Cup 2010

She was first pictured in international media celebrating a goal during the game between Paraguay and Italy with her Nokia mobile phone between her breasts (as part of a promotion for a mobile phone company). Riquelme is the face of the deodorant brand Axe in Paraguay and at a later Paraguay game in the World Cup she was also seen with the word “Axe” written on her chest, an extremely powerful advertising for the deodorant brand.  She also promised she would run naked (wearing only body paint in the colors of Paraguay) through Asunción if Paraguay won the World Cup, or even if they reached the semi-finals by beating Spain.

This shot of Larissa Riqelme at 2010 World Cup in South Africa catapulted her to fame

Riquelme advertising AXE as she showed her anguish during the World Cup 2010

This superhot lingerie model gained more exposure than any other girl in the whole world at the World Cup.

After becoming one of the most searched-for persons on the Internet, she was named “World Cup’s Girlfriend” by Marca, the largest Spanish sports newspaper. She was also dubbed the most famous fan of the World Cup.

Larissa Riquelme

World Cup's Girlfriend Larissa Riquelme

Capitalizing on her World Cup fame, she has been featured in probably every men magazine in every Latin American country and we will be seeing a lot of her. She’s proud of her body and has no qualms flaunting her sexiness.

Larissa Riquelme, full name Larissa Mabel Riquelme Frutos, was born February 22, 1985. Currently the best-paid model in Paraguay, she is also an actress at the city theatre in the Paraguayan capital Asunción. Apart from modeling and acting, Riquelme has also participated in Bailando por un Sueño, the Paraguayan version of Dancing with the Stars.

Larissa Riquelme showing her groovy body for the H Para Hombres magazine in Mexico.

Last month, the busty Paraguayan signed up with South Korea’s matchmaking agency Sunoo ( to meet her Mr Right.

Almost 1,600 men, aged 18 to 44, have responded with eagerness, hoping to date Riquelme. They include teachers, policemen, civil servants and workers of major corporations. About 20% of them are from other countries such as Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.

The company would shortlist 100 candidates and choose the final three from the group, based on Riquelme’s criteria. And the chosen one can date her.

A sweet looking Larissa Riquelme

One of the requirements is that the lucky man must be able to speak Riquelme’s native tongue – Spanish. It is not known how many of the eager applicants can actually speak that language.

If you are looking for sexy stunning photos of Riquelme, just do a Google search on Larissa Riquelme and you will be feasting your eyes on really hot shots of this super-busty lady. Anyway for those too lazy to do the Google search ( I don’t believe there will be any such person when it concerns Riquelme, haha!), here is a link to some nice shots of Larissa Riquelme. And enjoy the following YouTube video though you won’t understand what they are saying unless you know Spanish.

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