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Live in the now….be in the room

March 21, 2009

“The past is a place of reference, not a place of residency.” Willie Jolie

A lot of uslive in the yesterdays and worry too much about the tomorrows. We forget that we are living in the now and we let our past experience and our perception of the future govern our lives.

There is no doubt that we cannot escape our past. But we all have a chance to make our tomorrows better than our yesterdays. In order to create the future, we need to forgive the past. Acknowledge all your unpleasant experiences but park them in the past. Don’t let your present living be burdened by the garbage from your past. Forgive those who have hurt you in the past….and learn also to forgive yourself for whatever role you played in the past. Truly open your heart to forgiveness and you will be amazed at the sense of peace and calm that will flow through you.

I know of a heart-wrenching true story of the parents of someone that I know. Because of a misunderstanding, the parents stopped talking to each other and were in a cold war for more than twenty long years! Imagine living in the same house and yet treating each other like strangers for more than two decades…what a nightmare that must have been for the couple. Repeated attempts by the couple’s children to reconcile them over the years failed. After more than twenty years of this cold war, both of them developed a lot of sickness because of their pent-up bitterness. The husband was finally diagnosed with a terminal cancer with only a couple of months left to live. Their children prayed fervently to God for mercy and asked for reconciliation of their parents. They then made another attempt to reconcile their parents. Miraculously it worked. For the first time in over twenty years, their parents hugged each other with tears running down both of their cheeks. It was the most joyous day for their children. The husband passed away not long after that but there was a smile on his face as he left this world.

Focus your energy on the present and the future will start to take care of itself. This does not mean that we don’t have to do planning for the future. On the contrary, we should. Just don’t worry too much about the future. Worry is like a rocking chair… gets you nowhere. Don’t let negative thoughts about the future dictate your life. The more we worry about a problem, the bigger it seems to become.

Live in the now. Be in the room. I mean if you are in the room, be in the room. I know you are probably thinking that this is the silliest thing you have ever heard. . but is it?

How often do you find your mind elsewhere when you are supposed to be working on something in the work place? Are you not guilty of being preoccupied with some office or business problem when you are in the midst of a conversation with your children? How many times have your spouse told you that you are not listening when he or she is talking to you?

Test yourself with the following sentence:


Let’s be honest now. What was your very first answer?

Opportunity is nowhere?

Isn’t that what you got?

Remember the subject matter of this article. With that in mind, read the sentence again.

What do you get now?

Opportunity is now here.

Yes, that is the correct answer in the context of this article.. Most of us will get the first answer because we do not stop and think of the subject matter of this article. We are not in the room!

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