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Local Fruits & Fruity Art

November 22, 2009
A kilo of buah dabai ror RM12

Another Sunday and another trip to Emart…and this is what we bought:

A kilo of buah dabai ror RM12 Tampoi....1 tompok for RM2.....the fruit's name sounds like urinary pot in Hokkien
A kilo of langsat for RM3

A kilo of langsat for RM3

1 tompok of wild durians for RM10

This is what a wild durian look like when it is opened up:

Durian nyekak......yummy!

And this is a tampoi “exposed”…..and “naked”.

A tampoi "exposed" A "naked" tampoi

Play around with some of these fruits and you can get interesting “fruity” art!

A durian smiley! Another durian smiley with 3 strands of hair! Dabai+Banana+Durian=Mr Da Ba Du Tampoi+Banana+Durian= Mr Tam Ba Du Dabai+Tampoi+Durian+Banana combo art? Mr Smiley Tam Da Ba.......tamboi, dabai & banana combo art New fine dining dish from Sarawak....Datamdaba!

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