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Marriage Proposal On A London Overground Tube Train

November 5, 2011
The couple embraced after Lucy Rogers says 'Yes'

A marriage proposal on a London tube train has gone viral on YouTube after tailor Adam King hired a flashmob to help him pop the question.

With help from a show choir and some very meticulous planning, Adam popped the question to his 25-year-old girlfriend Lucy Rogers on Tuesday evening inside carriage number 2 of the 19.57 London Overground tube train from Euston to Watford Junction.

Shortly after it pulled out of London Euston, the choir broke into song, singing Bill Withers’ ‘Lovely Day’. One man first breaks the silence with an impromptu burst of “When I wake up in the morning love, and the sunlight hurts my eyes.” A blonde haired woman then casually follows with the second line, without raising her eyes from her Kindle. The entire carriage soon bursts into song, leaving other travellers open-mouthed with a perfectly tuneful and choreographed routine.

Adam King proposes to girlfriend Lucy Rodgers with the help of the Adam Street singers on board a train from Euston to Watford Junction

The crescendo of singing then comes to an abrupt halt as Adam calmly gets down on one knee and produces a ring box to his unsuspecting 25-year-old girlfriend, Lucy Rogers.

Adam King popping the question to girlfriend Lucy Rogers

With a beaming grin, the commuter, Adam King asks: “Lucy Rogers… will you marry me?”

Fighting back tears and giggles, Lucy eventually exclaims “Yes!” before the flashmob burst back into their finale of “A lovely day…”

The couple embraced after Lucy Rogers says 'Yes'

The happy couple

34-year-old King started planning the proposal in April, enlisting the help of the Adam Street Singers, a Glee style  show choir of which he is a member.

They spent weeks rehearsing the song, even building a recreation of the carriage to practise the proposal.

The scheme almost fell apart, when Miss Rogers decided at the last minute on Tuesday that she wanted to drive instead of taking the train.

Keen not to let his plan collapse, though, Adam disconnected the car battery to make sure she would be on board. He said he and Miss Rogers had not thought about wedding plans – but added: ‘I guess the pressure is on to make it memorable now.’

Couple who got engaged on the tube and became a youtube hit Adam King and Lucy Rogers

Adam, 34, said: “I knew I wanted to do some kind of flashmob, but wanted it to be quite intimate – so I came up with the idea of the Overground train from Euston, where we live.

“The biggest problem was making sure Lucy made the train. There was only a three-minute window to get the choir, me and Lucy on.”

Adam added: “Many of the choir are our friends, which made things even harder – we had to make sure she didn’t recognise people.”

The proposal video features on the group’s website with a message of congratulations saying: “A Flashmob Proposal… featuring our very own Adam King and his new fiancee Lucy Rogers…and the Adam Street Singers! Congratulations!

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