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Michael Jackson Is Alive & Kicking In Brazil

June 27, 2011
Jean Carlos Ribeiro Machado

Michael Jackson isn’t dead, he just moved to Brazil to be a cabbie!

Taxi driver Jean Carlos Ribeiro Machado has become an internet sensation with his pitch-perfect version of Michael Jacksonís hit Billie Jean.

Jean Carlos Ribeiro Machado

A passenger who had been tipped off about his amazing vocals filmed Jean performing the song and then uploaded the footage online. The footage shows Jean beat-boxing and singing as he drives his passenger to a bus stop. To date, the YouTube clip has racked up more than 4 million views.

Jean said: "I got a call to pick up a fare, a guy named Diego.

"In the car he told me that the operator had said that I sang the same as Michael Jackson.

"So I sang Billie Jean to him and he recorded the video, I dropped him off at the bus stop and left. It was only afterwards that I saw the video on YouTube."

Jean, from Belo Horizonte, was quickly signed up and is now a megastar thanks to talent shows similar to the X Factor.

Under the name Jean Walker, the 32-year-old has since appeared on national TV with a team of dancers performing an extended version of Thriller.

He has also sung in front of MJís dad Joe, who visited Brazil on a recent book tour, and now hopes to make it big in America.

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